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  1. CRF250dude26

    Dirt Bike April 08

    Please spoil the surprise because I don't get that magazine.
  2. CRF250dude26

    V-force 3 question?

    Why would the needle being at the top mean that I never ride it on the main? I am running the race gas because my bike pings with pump gas. Its a race bike and I jet it for the most power, and the needle at the top provides crisp and clean power. FYI the 07 needle is a half clip position richer than the 05 needle, so running the 07 needle at the top is only a half clip position leaner than the 05 needle in the 2nd position. And I run Castor 927 at 28:1.
  3. CRF250dude26

    V-force 3 question?

    I was just wondering why it seems like I am the only person to run the needle at the top.
  4. CRF250dude26

    V-force 3 question?

    Yes its at the top, I am running the 07 needle with half unleaded 110 and half pump. The bike feels really crisp and clean with the needle at the top, the main jet dosen't seem to rich. Why would I change the main jet if the bike feels rich at 1/2 throttle? If I am running the bike on pump gas or its really cold then I run the needle in the 2nd position. I think my jetting is fine, plus the V-force make the bikes run richer.
  5. CRF250dude26

    2008 YZ250 suspension?

    You think the valving is that bad, after I messed with oil height and clicker settings I found out that I did not need a revalve on my 06 250F. I think the suspension on my 250F is better then my old MB1 KX450F suspension. I have messed with the 05 forks a lot and I think they need a revalve, the best thing I have found out about the 05 forks is they love fresh oil. I change the outer tubes once a month and the both chambers every two months. And when I do change the outer tube oil every month the next ride the forks feel a lot better than the last ride with the dirty oil.
  6. CRF250dude26

    This could be good news

    Its still a 2 stroke, and I also found a vid of a LL's qualifier on racer X films that has a YZ250 in it with a hole bunch of 250F's in it. Its a really good video.
  7. CRF250dude26

    This could be good news

    I found a pic of Kyle Regal on vurb moto and it looks like he is riding a 250 2 stroke. http://www.vurbmoto.com/site/images/stories/20080302_oakhill/KAE_Regal_2082.jpg
  8. CRF250dude26

    2008 YZ250 suspension?

    I never said the valving was any good, just the suspension. I could care less if the valving is good, just as long as the suspension works good as a whole then I am happy.
  9. CRF250dude26

    2008 YZ250 suspension?

    How do you know that the spring is too stiff? Have you tried different settings? Your spring is probably too stiff but why not try different settings? what can you lose? Riding woods dosen't make a difference, MX and woods are the same taxing on the suspenion, the only difference is that woods riders have cool barkbusters and have big gas tanks so they don't run out of gas on the ExTrEmE trails:bonk: I was wrong, the YZ is set up for MX but it will work perfect for woods, its the same thing right? and don't listen to me, just pay 300 for a new shock spring and don't try any new clicker settings. Why would anyone want to waste there time:bonk:
  10. CRF250dude26

    Need your opinions:

    Sell me the stock pipe..................
  11. CRF250dude26

    V-force 3 question?

    I have a question, does anyone run there needle on the first clip? it seems like I am the only one to run it at the top.
  12. CRF250dude26

    2008 YZ250 suspension?

    Maybe try less high speed compression. You bike suspension will never be good unless you experiment with settings. I hate when people ride a bike and never turn a clicker and claim it needs a revalve:bonk: The new SSS fork are about as good as it gets on a MX track, if you mess with springs, oil hieght, and clickers, you should find a good setting without a revelve. P.S. this does not apply to you rm125ridwe, I know that you ride woods.
  13. CRF250dude26

    mop-n-glow plastic shine results

    Armour All works good also, I wash the bike then right after I'm done I spray the plastic and tires with armour all. When the bike dries it will leave a really good shine.
  14. CRF250dude26

    2 stroke or 4 stroke

    I would definaltly run a YZ in the stock class, I have a YZ250F that I was going to run stock class on and my YZ250 I would run mod class. But after riding them on a loamy track I could tell the 250F would be at a disatvantage. I weigh 175, and thats kinda big for a 250F anyway. I think the only place a 250F would keep up with the smoker would be on a slick track, but a flywheel weight would help that. I am going to run the YZ in the stock class and the YZF will be run in the schoolboy 14-16 class.
  15. CRF250dude26

    2008 YZ250 suspension?

    I weigh 175 and I am running 98mm's of sag. The trick to getting the YZ's to turn good is to sit far up on the gas tank as possible.