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  1. drnknmnky13

    Carb compaibilty question

    OK So I picked up an 85Yamaha XT350 It runs lean due to the exhaust pipe being replaced (not the boots, checked them already). I need to replace the needle and jets to fix this. problem is...it's such a whacky unused carb that no one has any parts for it. So I was wondering if I could buy a carb for a Honda XR350 and use it. Those have rebuild kits and upgrade kits for days. I mean I really don't see why a carb for a 350cc Honda wouldn't work on a 350cc Yamaha. But figured I'd throw it out in case there is something I am missing. I'm going to try drilling out the pilots, and using a clip on the needle for now. But if it doesn't work...or if I mess up...I'm gonna be screwed. Any thoughts? Ideas?
  2. drnknmnky13

    DR200 - Too small for me?

    I'm 5'10 and 235lbs... I ride a dr125 and don't feel it's too small for me. I did swap the front/rear for stiffer springs though. That's about the only issue I see with the 125. The engine isn't blazing fast but it does a decent job if you can keep the revs up.
  3. drnknmnky13

    Wont start after sitting

    The petcock screen is fine. I checked the fuel line and it looks good as well. I pulled the fuel line off (leavin the vacuum attached) and hit the starter and fuel spit out of the petcock so I think the vacuum line is good as well. I leaning towards the jets being off. I hate to do it but I think I'm going to have to take it to a shop and have them deal with the jets. I just don't have the know how (nor time) to really fool with them that much. I have air , fuel, and compression.Like I stated the bike will run... just not very well and it needs a little help to start. For the record...I looove fuel injection
  4. drnknmnky13

    Wont start after sitting

    I'll pull the petcock, air filter, carb, and plug tomorrow. The air filter is pretty sticky so I'll clean that. I was thinking of replacing it with one of those cone style filters anyway. The kind that clamp right to the carb inlet. I didn't know the petcock had a filter. Is it a replaceable filter or just a clean it out type?
  5. drnknmnky13

    Wont start after sitting

    I have tried it on prime. No luck. I don't believe it's a cali model. According to the manual the gas cap would be different.
  6. drnknmnky13

    Wont start after sitting

    Also...I'll ask a stupid question. How do I tell if the bike is running lean? For rich I usually look at the plugs and see if they are fouled with crap. What would good indicators for rich and lean be?
  7. drnknmnky13

    Wont start after sitting

    This is for a 94 DR125se She will run once started...BUT... In order to get her started I have to spray fuel into the carb. Once she starts that way she is good to start for a while. If I let her sit for a few hours she wont start without the fuel spray. It's kind of a pain to take the side covers off, take the seat off, open the airbox, unscrew the foam, and spray fuel into the carbs every day. Also when riding at higher speeds she tends to cut in and out. I have to put her in a lower gear to get her to not cut in and out. I noticed that if I pull the lever for the choke... she raises RPM for a second then drops right back down. She seems to run better off the choke even when cold. Any thoughts? I'm going to try cleaning the carbs again. I'm also going to clean the foam element.