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  1. rightshift

    xr200 camshaft oil gallery plug?

    Thanks, it just doesn't make sense, and I can't find anything on it in the manual.
  2. rightshift

    xr200 camshaft oil gallery plug?

    Just pulled the head on my sons xr200 because of a clicking noise in the top end. I re did the motor a while ago. Wiseco piston, rod, bearings etc. Side note: When someone says it was thier girl friends bike, dont buy it. The translation of "girlfriends bike"= camp whore, everybody rides it. Anyway I seem to have found the noise, loose cam sprocket. There is a plug in the gallery that appears to feed the camshaft. Is this correct? Is this just a restrictor, or a check valve of some sort. It doesn't seem to make sense being there. Also has anyone messed with cam timing on a stock cam? Advanced /retard?