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  1. Michael396

    What camper should I buy?

    Get one with a slide out and look at the Gross Weight of the 5th wheel. Your 3/4 ton truck probably won't be able to handle the pin weight. Around 20% of the total weight will be your pin weight.
  2. I am the same age and do the same thing, but we do race as well. I did the same thing with my Dad and wouldn't trade those times for anything. My other hobbies are hunting, fishing, and long range precision rifle shooting.
  3. Michael396

    New Vienna Motorsports - New Vienna, OH

    I will be contacting you shortly. I am going to be working on the track in the very near future, maybe we can meet at the track and go over some ideas. Michael
  4. Michael396

    New Vienna Motorsports - New Vienna, OH

    El Marko, I live in Chillicothe. I agree with everything you have said, and that is exactly the goal we are going for, including the 40+ & 50+ classes. I race the 30+ class and really enjoy it, but would like to seperate the age groups a little further, and offer an A,B,C type of structure as well. I have seen too many guys show up once and not come back because some of the older guys have been doing this for years, and they may just be getting started. Any help is appriciated, and you can PM for a contact phone number. I hope to see you at the track, as soon as this weather gets a little nicer. Michael
  5. Michael396

    New Vienna Motorsports - New Vienna, OH

    I don't have any control over the website, and Tom (owner) does not have a computer at this time, so I can't email him anything. I have a schedule for him to approve, and I am lining up sponsors for the races. I may have met you at the track at some point. I have 2 CRF250's that are almost identical. One is set up for indoors and the other for pure MX. The number is 21, 28, or 119 depending on what time of year it was. My number is now 21. If you raced there, I am sure you saw me, I didn't miss any of the races. Michael
  6. Michael396

    New Vienna Motorsports - New Vienna, OH

    I went to the track on Sunday (3/4/07) to see what condition it is in. Due to all of the water laying on the track, the first race has been pushed to April 14th. This will give Tom and the crew time to get the track ready. The first race will be an indication of things to come, and opening too soon will give the wrong impression. Many riders are volunteering their time and effort to make this work, and all we are asking is that you see if you like it. The website has not been updated as of yet. I posted something in the forums about the first race, but there are no responses yet. I did not ride at New Vienna in it's "heyday", but I have spent every weekend there during last year, and the track conditions were not always perfect, but neither is the weather. Tom did let me get the dozer out and fix the track the last time I rode there, and the riders were happy about that. I will do anything I can to help save this place and turn it around, but to do that I need suggestions from the riders, but keep in mind you may get what you ask for. The riders that have decided to do this, are not doing it for Tom (owner), we are doing it for the sport. Riding areas are becoming hard to find. Michael
  7. Michael396

    How to APPROACH whoops?

    What I described is the way I do it, and don't think about the approach. I carry my speed into the whoops and position my body as described above, and this will allow me to start "skimming" right away. I do not plan anything, it just happens with speed and practice. Upshift and position your body, it will work. Keeping the front wheel light entering the whoops is the only planned entry that I have. The correct position will make it happen. Michael
  8. Michael396

    How to APPROACH whoops?

    This may sound crazy but try it. Upshift into the next higher gear than you usually use, if you do them in second, try third. Don't pin it, that makes your suspension do bad things. I usually hit the whoops in fourth, half throttle, and keep a finger on the clutch to pick up the revs, if needed. Center you head over the bike, but keep your weight to the rear. Grip the bike HARD with your legs, I can't stress this one enough. Hold on with your legs like your life depends on it, because it could, if you are going fast enough:smirk: Look to the end of the section and concentrate. Please do not go out and try to blast through a big set of whoops. Take your time and increase your speed as you get more comfortable. Practice this technique on a non race weekend, and think it through. Tell yourself what to do as you aproach and it will happen, it just takes practice.... and a big set of grapes! Hope this helps. Michael
  9. Michael396

    Suspension In North Carolina

    I don't know how far Total Control is from you but they did a good job on my CRF. www.totalcontrolsuspension.com Total Control Racing Suspension 9900 NC Hwy 57 Rougemont NC 27572 Office Phone: 1-336-364-3191
  10. Michael396

    ohio land for sale

    I have just started to work on the track. It will take some time to build, but I hope to be finished in March. The trails will take a little longer. I have all of the equipment to build and maintain the track, with the exception of a bulldozer, which I will rent as needed. I will let JBrown_118 know when it is ready to ride. I was going to work on it this weekend, but decided to race some arenacross instead... I should have worked on the track:banghead:
  11. Michael396

    ohio land for sale

    What a shame. I use to ski there, it was a nice place. I wouldn't reccomend working on bikes there. Just look at what the dirty rat locals did to the windows. I don't know if any of you have been there, but it will scare you driving back to the resort. Ever seen the movie Deliverance??? Let me know where some of you guys are from. I am building a MX track and a hare scramble course just east of Chillicothe.
  12. Michael396

    alpinestar tech 10 help

    I wear a 10 in the tech 8, but I have to wear an 11 in the Tech 10, so to answer your question, they run on the small side. I think it has something to do with the inner boot.
  13. Michael396

    ENZO...sending out.

    Sounds like you made a good choice. You can't go wrong with a KYB specialist. I am sure it will turn out great.
  14. Michael396

    FCR Supension...

    I don't post much, but some things I feel need some valuable input. Not trying to start a flame war, but these kind of statements should not be made without positive proof. I do not believe FCR, or any suspension tuner, would do this. Suspension is about rider preference, if you are not satisfied with the end result, fine, but don't bash the tuner in this way. Are you qualified to make a statement like this? I am not saying you're not, just asking. Please think about what you are typing. Again, FCR is a good suspension tuner. Give them a shot, I am sure you will be satisfied. If not, they are like every other suspension company, and will re-valve it if needed (free). Michael
  15. Michael396

    FCR Supension...

    FCR suspension does great work. I would like to see facts to the statement above, for any suspension company for that matter. I use FCR in Ohio, because that is where the company started. Bob does a lot of testing and is very good at this stuff. FCR does franchise the name out to other tuners that are trained by them, so you may be more comfortable dealing directly with Bob (owner/founder). Michael