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  1. barbiedoll

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    Personally, I've only owned one Harley. Yes, I'm sure you can guess what it was. What model/models do you have? My ex has quite a collection of bikes, and there are several Harley's I'm especially fond of. I may joke around about what I legally own during my divorce, but I would never touch his bikes. I appreciate your advice, but a 250 is too small. I'd have have a great time for a week, then want something bigger. Weight is an issue, but so is displacement.
  2. barbiedoll

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    Height: 5'8" Weight: 121 lbs. today, but it varies by about five pounds Riding Experience: Answer #1... Evenly balanced between on/off road Riding Experience: Answer #2, and far more honest...limited What kind of riding do I want to do? Tough question, although it should be an easy answer. I'm really missing my RZ350, and imagine it to be the right bike for me again. But that was for zipping around curvy (paved) roads. I love the dirt, although my skills are rank amateur. I have had too many bikes that were too big/heavy for me to feel comfortable with. I'm tall, so seat height isn't generally a problem. I really don't want to (repeatedly) attempt kick start another DR650, but that was a long time ago. I want something that will be user friendly, not too heavy, cute to look at, and fun to ride. And it would also be nice if it could be new and not ridiculously expensive, as I am uncertain as to how much of an enthusiast I will become. I'm really fond of the old British bikes, but know enough to realize it would be a poor/narrow/esoteric choice. The KLR's seem interesting, but I don't know enough to make an educated choice. Gee, looking at what I've written I really do sound like Barbie. It would be nice to find everything in one bike, but that's not realistic. In real life my expectations are to find something fun, I'll know it when I find it...I hope.
  3. barbiedoll

    What does CR, KX, RM, YZ mean?

    Yes. The letters. The displacement is obvious, even to me.
  4. barbiedoll

    need help choosing first bike

    I hope you'll post information after you've made your purchase. I'm in a similar situation, not sure what I want. I haven't ridden any bike in three years, and haven't been actively involved since the late nineties. Funny. We're the same height, and I weigh exactly half as much.
  5. barbiedoll

    What does CR, KX, RM, YZ mean?

    That sounds logical. Any idea as to the reasoning behind it?
  6. barbiedoll

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    I was/am hoping to figure that out here.
  7. barbiedoll

    What does CR, KX, RM, YZ mean?

    I think you're correct. But I'm still curious.
  8. barbiedoll

    What does CR, KX, RM, YZ mean?

    This is one of those questions I was too embarrassed to ask. I thought everyone (except me) knew. Hope there are more replies/answers on this.