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  1. Matty, thanks for the descriptive response there mate- fun to read. My best bet is to wear out my 250f then slide toward a 450 for the increased amount of power available, I guess I have something to look forward to down the road.
  2. so what is the main difference between these two, should I just buy a 450 or keep tweeking my 250?
  3. Sorry if I seem uninformed but What really is the difference between doing all the mods and spending a bunch of cash on a 250 when you can buy a 450?
  4. My inserts sparky etc blew out of the stock pipe, it was loud. I bought a wb e series and am very happy, although I hear stock yz pipe will work. I held the stock in one hand and the wb in the other and lost my balance and fell over, that thing would anchor the titanic!!
  5. I just chopped mine, but i`m considering just putting a cheap on off switch in-line so I can have both options easily.
  6. ?Starting drill?
  7. So I printed out all the info on the free mods from here and set out to make my "stock 03 250f" superfast, I mean it`s already a speed machine anyway so how fast can it be with the mods? Tank, shrouds, seat and the rest are taken off. First the gray wire, found it already cut oh well. Throttle screw had the hacksaw ready -Damn ! already cut. Ok air filter box snorkel? what snorkel, so thats it - already modded what now? just as I`m scratching my head UPS truck showed up with my wb e series exhaust, magic at last and the wb makes a noticable difference to the power for sure. Just thought I would share my story. P.S. Any more mods info would be appreciated, or should I just get a 450?
  8. mine is 03 and the 450 is 03
  9. the wheel is from a wr450- 19 inch with tire, going onto a wr250f . Also are the gas tanks the same?
  10. Congratulations on a well maintained informative and organised site! I have an 03 wr250f and was wonering if a wr450 fuel tank and 19 inch rear tire would fit my bike? also I have a chance to get a wb e series exhaust at a good price would this be a good mod, bearing in mind that the baffles flew out of my stock exhaust while riding today. thank, D.