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  1. RookieXRrider13

    dayton area

    hey anybody looking for good riding chech out lake bailee in hamilton it is awesome and run by good people too
  2. RookieXRrider13

    first bike

    2003 xr100. great bike barely ridden. for sale by the way $1500. just as good as a new crf 100. pm me if interested.
  3. RookieXRrider13

    dayton area

    wow thanks
  4. RookieXRrider13

    dayton area

    does anyone know of ANYWHERE to ride within an hour of dayton ohio. trails mx track whatever i am just getting really tired of the same 13 acres. ohio is so infuriating. if you know anyplace even if it sucks let me know.
  5. RookieXRrider13

    making my motor a beast

    what do you all think af my plans thus far and do you have any suggestions. First i'm getting a powroll 150 kit then a cdi box and iridium plug. after that im not sure where to go. does anyone know a place to get the kitaco/takegawa superhead. just the head without whatever bore kit. also how big of a difference will an inner rotor ignition make. do i need a 26mm carb. if i do go for a carb should i get 26mm or 28mm. am i going to need high volume oil pump. i would like to get an oil cooler on there do they make those for xr100's. anything im forgetting. any answers, suggestions, or ideas you have are greatly apreciated.
  6. RookieXRrider13

    Wow the resale value of the XR

    plus honda makes one hell of a reliable bike and thats common knowledge
  7. RookieXRrider13


    is there anyway i can buy suspension revalve parts and do it myself.
  8. RookieXRrider13

    creek hydroplaning

    where i usually ride we race through a few creeks. the technique we all use is slow down take the creek slow and then resume going fast once your out of it. i had the idea the other day to come into the creek at a high speed and hydroplane across it . a few of the creeks are about 6 feet across and a foot deep so i think it has a decent chance of working. do u think it will work and how should i go about doing it (lots of detail please). i really hope it will work cause it would be great to blow past people and spray water all over them.
  9. RookieXRrider13

    hill problems

    ok i like it thanks guys
  10. RookieXRrider13

    Good off-road boots?

    personally there is nothing i don't love about my fox forma-pro's. they are comfortable, tuff, fairly light, i haven't found anything wrong with them yet. $250 well spent.
  11. RookieXRrider13

    hill problems

    your probably right about the rut but i don't think i can shift on this hill the steepness just like too much i doubt i could make it half way up in second and i think i would lose a lot of momentum in the shift. as for slipping the clutch i don't think the rev limiter will allow it to the point it would help a lot. i know the bike can make it up the hill cause ive seen my cousin whos much heavier take it up.
  12. RookieXRrider13

    trails hide from me

    i can't find any riding trails within a 50 mile radius of columbus ohio. whenever i google it i can't find anything. anyone know of any?
  13. RookieXRrider13

    Fuel additives

    OHH i love it octane boosters. B.S in a bottle they don't add any more octane. the best they do is clean your induction. the worst is gum up your carbs if it sits in them.
  14. RookieXRrider13

    lost dog- plaster city west

    as far as I'm concerned jk
  15. RookieXRrider13

    hill problems

    bars against my chest protector and i'm riding an 03 xr100. how do i "slip the clutch a bit."