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  1. I'm putting a uni on my son's crf50. what do i do with the tubes coming from the tranny into that little black box and then into the airbox??
  2. just buy a pitster! you're lookin at spending $1000 as it is? Don't mess around. buy a pitster for 1300. It'll be twice a good as what you're looking at putting together.
  3. what are you supposed to do with it? Riding it looks out of the question...weird. the motor looks rediculous. and why is it sitting in front of a pool?? good idea guys! "Let's see, we can't shoot this spread in front if any dirt because that won't make any sense...I'll bet if we put it by this swimming pool people will buy 'em for sure!"
  4. Yep^^^^^^just buy a crf150r!! There has to be a point that it is no longer a pit bike- and this goofy looking thing crossed it a long time ago
  5. has anybody ever seen red bull graphics for the good ol' crf50? my son has a crf50 stock and is growing out of it and instead of buying a ktm 50 i think we're going to build on his crf this winter.: New suspension, exahaust, maybe a 88cc kit...? who knows. But he wants a ktm that looks like the race bikes so...orange plastic and stickers do wonders. anybody have a lead? Also if anybody that has done this kind of build could give me a few suggestions for suspension that'd be great. He'll only be about 60 lbs and he throws it around pretty well. photos are good too
  6. Would someone please seed the red bud lites 2nd moto. There is one seeder, but I think it's bad. And why is it divided into 2 parts anyway?
  7. who's got buds creek recorded and knows how to upload it? It's been over 24 hours since it aired and there is still no torrent! help! some of us have no lives without our mx-fix. and i'm sick of trying to avoid seeing the results of the races until i'm able to watch them.
  8. buy a mac.
  9. It almost takes a full quart. Don't follow the "manual". It says 0.6qt. But that's what the Honda manual says for a crf50 -and we know that the case of the gpx is bigger than a stock honda fifty. The 0.6qt. will barely, if even, show up on the dipstick. Fill some-check the stick! repeat. use 10W40 full synthetic
  10. seed seed seed i've been watching for 2 days and haven't seen it seed yet!!
  11. crazy man! where do you live in minnesota? Track looks pretty cool.
  12. fantastic "pitster"! Who should I talk to at that number? I just want to be consistant with my contacts thanks for living up to the great service everyone talks about! (i also sent you a PM. if that works for communication)
  13. After religiously fighting the battle of loose rear spokes on my pitsterpro, I lost. I kept a close eye on the rear wheel of my pitster and just yesterday ,after washing my bike, I checked the spokes. And again before takin' a little spin today. And I mean "little". My son has a crf50(stock) and we have a little loop in the back woods...anyway after about 8 laps I started bobbing up and down like i was on a marry-go-round-horse and stopped right a away to find that 8 of the spokes on my rear wheel had popped out! I mean i haven't even ridin this thing out on a track or anything yet...bummer. I've only ridin in the back yard! well, I hoping to put a 12"rear on it now. Hopefully pitster will help me out! Any advice out there?
  14. Go with one of the new pitsters! Check them out.http://www.pitsterpro.com/gallery/NEW%21-X3R-Alloy-frame-125cc Unbelievable for the price, and amazing support. Plus they'll smoke the Cr.
  15. nice review! Only wish i could have seen it in "action" thanks for sharing