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  1. Just picked up my white 2009 YZ450F for $5699 OTD at L.A. Yamaha.
  2. Personal I think nobody knows Yamaha suspension better!They specialize in KYB. I had my suspension seviced (no reavalve) by them and the price they quoted me was the price when they were done! How about that, unlike other shops that I have heard of. And my suspension was a year and a half old (desert riding, some track )and I weigh 210 pounds.There prices are a little better then most, and when I talked to them on the phone they were very helpful. They also use genuine KYB parts & oil. And when I rode my bike after they serviced them they were good and trun around was fast!
  3. Go to Prowheelracing.com they have a wheel customizer program and you can see your choices in many different colors. You can pick the color of your wheels,hubs,spokes and also nipples all different colors if you choose! It is a really cool simulator! They also offer black spokes!
  4. No special tools needed! But if this is your 2nd time you might want to buy a new flat washer that holds the bolt at your counter sprocket.
  5. Greyracer if you read the mcnaughb post he says he has a puddle of oil on the ground not on the bike!
  6. I always take off my skid plate, then I follow the owner manual on what to do next. But the part you might be missing is a 10 to 14" oil pan that way you can have both drain bolts out at the same time. The bigger the oil pan the better!!!
  7. At least Yamaha gives a 30 day warranty, Honda gives none and I am not sure about Suzuki and Kawasaki.
  8. I have a buddy who is 6'2" and he has a 2000 426 and he is running the cr high bend and likes them alot. He does have the adapter kit to the stock triple clamps. I have been checking out the pro taper top triple clamp bar combo, it has many combo's in height and forward and backward adjustments! I have a 2006 yz 450 and I bought the applied (clamps) that go with the stock triple clamps and got the + 5mm with my lower bars and that worked out perfect for me but I am only 6'. They also had a + 10 mm option ,I think they also sell top triple clamps as well. The most impotant thing I can tell you is that I have found that the clamps only option is cheaper then buying new bars around $ 55.
  9. My last bike was 2001 yz426f, for a year and 9 months all I did was change oil and tires & air filters along with minor little stuff but never had any break downs and most of all noooooooooooo valve promblems!!!!! So I treated my self to a new bike, 2006 yz450f. Lets just say I love my new bike to say the least. I ride desert about 60 hours a year in Las Vegas, most of what I ride is rocky hard terrain, whooped out and some sand. I would say I am a fast novice rider and I i'm 220 pounds. Once again my bike has proven to be very reliable, after buying it new in nov 2005 to current, I have only had to adjust my valves once! And there has been no other issues. I ride with 4 other guys and they all ride hondas 2005 crf450r & 2007 crf450r, all bought new. I will say their bikes have been good as well but I do know this, they have to check there valves about every 3 months not a big deal if you know how to do it yourself but if you don't a honda store charges about $200 dollars. By they way if your valves have to be adjusted that means they are wearing and in so many years you will need to redo them costing more money in repairs compared to a Yamaha.
  10. Thanks Greyracer513 for the oil link, great info, I am going to switch oils as well.
  11. I use softscrub with bleach and a rough sponge works pretty good for me!
  12. Sounds like you need to play with your high speed, mine is at two and a quater. First make sure you have set your sag.
  13. I had a 2001 426 and I put a Dr. D's pipe on it and I loved it (full system). Paid about $460 for it, It gave the bike great mid and top power, bottom was already great. I mostly ride desert but my brother who is a pro motocross racer rode the bike from time to time, loved the power. I recently bought a 2006 450 and the only pipe I plan on using is Dr.D's great price great install and great performance
  14. Hey Dunefanatic the cheapest price I have seen is PARTS DIRECT parking lot sale here in las vegas Nevada the sale is a weekend event in Oct or Nov. They had 2004 models for $200 and 2005 for $250. they also have great deals on boots and gear. I used to live in CA and go to Chaparral parking lot sale but PARTS DIRECT has better prices on select main ticket items.
  15. I Remember This All Too Well, He Should Be Using His Hot Start For Sure. Kick The Bike Until Its At Top Dead Center Not Using The Decompressing Lever, Then Pull The Decompressing Lever Just To Get Pass The First Hard Spot And Then Kick It Thru If All Else Fails Hold The Throttle Wide Open And Start Again A #1 Just Be Careful When Kicking With Throttle Open Kick Starter Has A Tendencie To Kick Back At You.