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  1. dont get a 06 the carb is too big. and parts cost allot. just get the 05 I have one and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. nice choice in grips i have the same ones and the same bike
  3. hrmsp;m, smf'mkl;x"?,.mm;,,. [po04[ 3w[lk kvnlaskJNW3A4
  4. the 450 is a great bike! buy it the new technology is great. most companies are fading out thear 2 strokes and making their 4 strokes great. the 450 is really ballanced with more than enough powerevan the older 426 is more than a hand full soget the 4 stroke happy trails
  5. the 06 is a great bike but if something is wrong with it just bring it back to whare u baught it and i am surethey will fix it. If they dont and there is really something rong with all fo them there will probably be a recall
  6. i do for about 1800 and im in ny
  7. dude dont get id done ull just end up with a bloan up bike
  8. i have a crf and i like it
  9. clean out your carborator and if it is still doing it just bring it in to your local shop
  10. hay man, im riding a crf250r and i love it but it is a race bike with great suspentatioun my dad is riding a crf and it kills his back so if i were you i would get a crf250r. a good amount of power but not too much that u could get hurt happy trails!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hay I have A crf250r And i love it besides everyone knows about the 06 crf250r and its dual pipes that thing is sick
  12. dude no, get a crf. more power=more wins or just more fun. It is what i got and it is a blast and before i got it i was riding a two stroke and everyone was beating me at the track. by my third time out i could smoke them
  13. sounds good do it, if it is used ask to irde it first, before you buy it