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  1. honda rider 17

    how is the 250r

    dont get a 06 the carb is too big. and parts cost allot. just get the 05 I have one and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. honda rider 17

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    nice choice in grips i have the same ones and the same bike
  3. honda rider 17

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    hrmsp;m, smf'mkl;x"?,.mm;,,. [po04[ 3w[lk kvnlaskJNW3A4
  4. honda rider 17

    04 yzf 450 questions

    the 450 is a great bike! buy it the new technology is great. most companies are fading out thear 2 strokes and making their 4 strokes great. the 450 is really ballanced with more than enough powerevan the older 426 is more than a hand full soget the 4 stroke happy trails
  5. honda rider 17

    2006 CRF250R Is it a good bike?

    the 06 is a great bike but if something is wrong with it just bring it back to whare u baught it and i am surethey will fix it. If they dont and there is really something rong with all fo them there will probably be a recall
  6. honda rider 17

    cr85 for sale

    i do for about 1800 and im in ny
  7. honda rider 17

    Big Bore Questions

    dude dont get id done ull just end up with a bloan up bike
  8. honda rider 17

    MXA Shootout

    i have a crf and i like it
  9. honda rider 17

    ttr 250 stalls

    clean out your carborator and if it is still doing it just bring it in to your local shop
  10. honda rider 17

    Which Bike?

    hay man, im riding a crf250r and i love it but it is a race bike with great suspentatioun my dad is riding a crf and it kills his back so if i were you i would get a crf250r. a good amount of power but not too much that u could get hurt happy trails!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. honda rider 17

    Rode a YZ250F for the first time

    Hay I have A crf250r And i love it besides everyone knows about the 06 crf250r and its dual pipes that thing is sick
  12. honda rider 17

    06 cr 125

    dude no, get a crf. more power=more wins or just more fun. It is what i got and it is a blast and before i got it i was riding a two stroke and everyone was beating me at the track. by my third time out i could smoke them
  13. honda rider 17

    a good deal?

    sounds good do it, if it is used ask to irde it first, before you buy it