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  1. I recently got the Pod MX knee braces due to what felt like slipage after landing a jump pretty square. I went to the doctor and he said I had a strained MCL. Give it six weeks and you should be good. I waited the six weeks, it felt better so I went riding with the braces as a precaution. It still felt like there was a little bit of movement but it was only a temporary pain. My knee now has a little bit of a pop as a move my leg back but nothing painful. Not sure if that helps or not.
  2. What about just replacing the WR carb with a YZ carb?
  3. Will a YZ400 Carburetor work on a WR400? Does the YZ400 have a hotstart?
  4. Just as a not the YZ radiators are a little bit smaller. For whatever thats worth. They still mount up but have slightly reduce capacity.
  5. I replaced my 400 carb with a 426 carb and it started a lot easier. Not sure what is wront with the 400's carb but something is a miss. I have been thinking of the edlebrock one as well but was curious as the benefits.
  6. When you say the valves are OK what did you check? Just the clearance? My WR400 will sometimes not hit that "hard spot" at TDC. I just replaced the cylinder and piston because it had a hole in the piston and only gotted it started once since the rebuild. I am worried about the lack of compression between some kicks. I am suspecting something with the valves but I am not sure. I am not sure if you are having a similar issue but I wonder if its worth taking the heads off and leak testing the head. Not sure why I didn't do it while it was off but I guess I never suspected anything with the head. I guess part of it was being cheap and just wanting to get it back together to ride.
  7. What is the deal with the internal hotstart? I have a 99 WR400 so it sounds like there is a difference on the 426? What is choke status do you have it one or off when trying to start? did you check those connections?
  8. That was the sweetest comercial. They the 250 is available in CA with a plate from the factory.
  9. I don't know what that screw at the bottom of the carb is called but it sounds like that needs adjustment.
  10. Had a similar thing happen to me, except the head still looks good. When I took it apart the pistion had a hole in it on the wall. Looks like I could replace the cylinder and pistion and be ok. http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l240/evilinsano/WR400021.jpg http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l240/evilinsano/WR400017.jpg
  11. I think 99 400 is more than capable. What new technology has the 2007 brought? My 99 400 doesn't have any issues keeping up with any 450 out there and smokes most of them.
  12. $1000, Possibly if someone had a motor.
  13. My 99 WR400 is has the same symtoms as yours, but it doesn't have the AIS. I wonder if I have a vacume leak somewhere?
  14. I typically run CR8EI and it works well, but for some reason I thought I would try the CR9EI. And it made the bike idle rough and stall and lower RPMs, but seems to work great at higher RPMs. Not sure if it has something to do with the heat range or what, but I guess it is time to switch back and see if the issues go away. Also the bike would only start with the choke on, even when hot. Seems strange that a plug could do that much but it seemed too.
  15. I don't think the regulator would need to be changed. All it regulates is the voltage and not the current. I think it can handle the little extra current supplied.