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  1. I thought I was abusing them. I only average 60mph and ride 99% street and my rear lasted 5000 miles.
  2. Its not unusual to have casting fragments on the first oil change. Try seeing if the shavings will be attracted by a magnet.
  3. It is possible that at highway speeds, air may be rammed into the airbox moreso with the side cover off causing a positive pressure in the airbox... if that makes sense:prof: Also, note the gap between the side cover and the airbox. Anything thrown up by the back wheel (whether it is rain or mud) could end up in the box IMHO
  4. Yes. The valves closest to the exhaust are for the exhaust on 99% of engines.
  5. racket

    ethics question

    The only laugh I've had all day... (wife mutters that'd be right!!!)
  6. Maybe because its an out of the ordinary thread that even you cant help but read... And he said sorry after all
  7. What enduro/dualsport is comfortable doing both dirt and highway easily on the stock sprockets???
  8. What a great site, plenty of useful info.
  9. The problem wasn't due to the centre electrode being flush with the prongs but the fact that it came loose internally causing it to fall out of the plug. It's possible that it could happen to the cr9ek's, also. The prongs wont stop that occurring.
  10. Like the cr9ek Toyota's with the 4.3 V6 (5VZ-FE) use a similar plug BKR5EKB-11 and when I was working in a Toyota Dealership, we had a 4X4 come in running poorly and when I did a quick check, I found that there was one cylinder low on compression and the cylinder leakage test pointed to a valve not sealing correctly. Upon dismantling, I noticed there was a slight problem with that cylinders' spark plug which I overlooked when I pulled them out. It was missing the centre electrode!!! Uh oh... It had parted company and went for a ride on the piston, up the bore and out the valve!!! Dont know why it came loose but maybe it had been dropped/mishandled prior to fitment. I've seen one come loose before on a conventional plug but it had nowhere to go seeing it has the bridge blocking its path! A word of warning, if you drop this plug throw it away!!!
  11. Im at sea level with an average temp of 77 degrees and have a supertrapp quiet with no discs, k&n cut airbox plus no side door and dj kit with a 160 4th clip. Tried the 170 straight up first and it seemed to be a bit sluggish up top. After the swap to the 160, it seemed to be smoother and the mpg went to a more favourable number. YMMV:blah:
  12. Is it a quiet core? I run mine with the 160 with 12 discs at sea level. Tried the 170 but found it made no power difference over the 160 and yes, I have the top cut out of the airbox with no side door and a K&N filter, no earplugs
  13. racket

    We have flicker!

    Check the wiring harness between the headlight bracket and the steering stem if you havent already done so. I wrapped my harness in split loom tube, it was only a month old and had started to rub through the insulation others have grinded the bracket to allow for some clearance.
  14. Anyone after an upper chain roller as I have one slightly used unit for sale!!!
  15. If you can afford to spend the extra do so as the supertrapp IMHO is a compromise. You get what you pay for. My supertrapp midpipe (ids2 quiet), after 12 months, is rusting at an alarming rate. It didn't line up properly with the mount point which required some manipulation, and while it sounds better than stock, it doesn't sound as good as a mates FMF Q2. I found a change from the stock pipe didnt help my bottom end power at all without the rejet. Most opinions appear to be that a pipe change is mainly for mid to top end increases.
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