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  1. sportsdoc39

    Flatlands Rad Guards width?? or Devols

    I had Devols but experienced over heating. I live in Dubai and of course its very hot here. I switched to Works Connection and have no problems. The Devols offer excellent protection with the expense of less air flow. If your riding in hot climates think about it.
  2. sportsdoc39

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    I had both bikes in my garage until yesterday. ( I sold the KTM). I live in Dubai so all my riding has been desert. My opinion was that the Honda handles better "stock" and the KTM motor is stronger "stock". However, both will need to be massaged a bit to compare with each others strengths. I kept the Honda on the ability to get after market perfomance parts so easily and at a reasonable price. Bottom line is that both bikes are very good and can be "tweeked" into greatness. Go with the best dealer nearest you.
  3. sportsdoc39

    back problems: Discogram and IDET Questions

    I have had the exact procedure that you are talking about in October 2004. It is the least invasive surgical procedure one can have at present time. My condition involved the L4-5 disc. Ironically, I am a chiropractor and know a bit about back pain. Because I am flexed forward 8 hours a day and lifting patients I'm constantly putting stress into the lumbar discs and after 18 years of practice the disc became to unstable. Riding was out of the question much less racing. To answer some of your questions: 1) Yes it does hurt, not as much as a broken bone though. I walked out of the hospital the same day. 2) The reason why you are awake is so the surgeon will know if he hits the nerve root with the needle (not good). There is some danger with this procedure. 3) It took about 8 months before I started playing some sports ie. softball, tennis, golf, and one year before I started riding again. The most critical thing to remember is that the procedure only helps to decompress the nerve as the disc material heals and contracts thus taking pressure off the nerve. YOU MUST DO CORE STABILIZATION EXERCISES to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles before putting alot of stress back on the disc. If you return to early you will be back probably worse than before and will need a more aggressive procedure! I hope this helps. Back pain can be very depressing, especially went it is stopping you from doing something like riding but remember you only have one body, so listen to it. Educate yourself on the mechanics of the spine and I promise you will be riding before you know it!
  4. sportsdoc39

    4th-5th shifting issues??

    I have just bought a 2005 CRF450X with the exact same problem. I have to back all the way out of the throttle and finally it will shift up. Now 3rd gear is beginning to get difficult as well. I have a total of 5 rides on this thing and each time it seems to be getting worse. My first impression was that I have a bent shifting fork. Is there anyone else having this problem?