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  1. adlostatsea

    Kennedy Meadows info

    I'm trying to plan a trip to KM this weekend. Anyone have links to maps. Suggestions on where to tent camp. Any camping next to the river? Planning on taking the family and a few friends. We may go up early how's the cell reception. Need to guide in the friends.
  2. adlostatsea

    heavy duty clutch?

    I installed a TB heavy duty clutch last night in my 50. When I shift it into gear it goes forward without giving it gas. Basicaly the clutch is not slipping at idle. Is this normal? I tried adjusting it but no different.
  3. adlostatsea

    Trans. Oil In Engine , '05 450r

    I think I have the same problem on my 02 anyone have a list of parts I will need to buy to do the repair? Thanks
  4. I have a 02 CRF450 with white bros header and yosh exaust with stock jetting and the bike runs great. I am going to race the Mauna Kea race on the Big Island of Hawaii and the race starts at around 3000 ft up to about 5000 ft. I ride now from sea level to about 1000ft with no issues. I have been told I will need to run the bike leaner for the race. How much of a differnce will it make and what are the effects if I just leave it how it is? I am happy with how it runs now and don't want to mess it up.
  5. adlostatsea

    Reckluse Installation?

    I put the wrong sizes its 1.6mm stock 1.2 mm rekluse maybe its different for my crf450. I bought the clutch off ebay and think the guy may have sent me his stock plates. I'll have to get a micrometer and check to see for sure. No riding for me today.
  6. adlostatsea

    Reckluse Installation?

    OK I'm going to try taking some out, but I'm looking at the instructions right now and it says the stock is .062mm and the rekluse are .047mm. Hope you are right. Yes I ride kahuku was racing for a while till I nosed a double and dislocated my elbow "Note to self don't race with bark busters" or just don't nose dive on a double. I still ride the track when I go up there but I like to trail ride alot too. I have been riding in Whitmore and Mililani alot too. Anyway thanks again for the help I'm going to go try it now. Where are you YZ426F Rider ?
  7. adlostatsea

    Reckluse Installation?

    On Oahu. And I have followed the directions to the T. I started off with replacing 5 plates and went to 7 because the gap is too close. The rekluse plates are thiner than the stock therefore I added more. still not even close. I would call but I'm sure they will be closed tommorow. Thanks for the help, I'll keep messing with it. AD
  8. adlostatsea

    Reckluse Installation?

    OK I know its new years and all but I am installing my rekluse for a ride tommorow and the gap is way too tight not even close to the specs. I have replaced 7 of the stock clutch plates with the new ones. What am I missing here?
  9. adlostatsea

    2003 CRF manual (Desperate)

    I am also in need of a service manual and don't have time to wait on shipping. I found oil in the water and need some serious repairs. I have an 02 450r. Please help so I can stop riding my wifes bike.
  10. adlostatsea

    Melted radiator hose joint???

    OK i took apart the water pump and it was full of gray crap. After talking with my mech found out it is because when I changed the pump housing I put some old raidiator fluid that I found in my garage in it and it ate away the palstic. "Note to self DON'T PUT CHEAP CRAP in my bike" . Well lesson learned now off to Honda to get the good stuff.
  11. adlostatsea

    Melted radiator hose joint???

    I have an 02 crf450f and had the same problem but mine looked like it had just been worn away from the inside out until it got too thin and started leaking. I couldn't believe how worn it got, looks like it had sand running threw it. I put an over flow tank off a 450x because I was just pissing fluid on the trails so the fluid has been replaced often. I haven't flushed the system yet but will before I ride. I have a boysen impeller and housing as well as a higher pressure cap and over heat the hell out of my bike on the trails. After a new fitting and engine ice I don't know what else to do other than high flow radiators $$$.