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  1. cowardlylion

    S.W. Ohio-What are your weekend plans

    Hey, me too. I'm 1/2 mile north of 48 just off 22/3.
  2. I dont think a bicycle light is going to be powerful enough. It needs to through a beam pretty far ahead of you to be safe.
  3. cowardlylion


    Well, I'm not going riding with you... I live in Cinci now. I do head up that way often though, I grew up in Medina.
  4. cowardlylion

    Indiana Trail Ride 6/10/07

    Looks interesting... Anyone from Cinci area going?
  5. cowardlylion

    SW Ohio 6/3/07 Who,where,when????

    I'm in Sw Ohio, near Kings Island. I ride trails only, and I'm slow but fun to laugh at on the trails. Let me know when you go, I just may tag along.
  6. cowardlylion

    Columbus area riders

    Hey Jerry, yeah, I still got it... I think. Good news for me is both my wife and I got promotions this year, so I can ride weekends again. Last time I talked to Tony he said he's keeping his bike, maybe he will be up to ride too.
  7. cowardlylion

    Columbus area riders

    Hey Fred, I'm still around. I'm still slow too. I cant go this weekend, but I'll go another weekend with you and your daughter. I think I could keep up with her.
  8. cowardlylion

    When are the spring dual sport rides?

    Anybody doing HR from the Cinci area?
  9. cowardlylion

    When are the spring dual sport rides?

    I wanted to do HR last year but couldnt make it. I'll give it a go again this year. Whats it like? I'm not all that fast of a rider, would I just get run over? I guess its mostly offroad, correct?
  10. cowardlylion

    When are the spring dual sport rides?

    Thanks, if you think of anymore, post 'em up.
  11. cowardlylion

    When are the spring dual sport rides?

    I have not seen anything posted about spring D/S rides in Ohio, or anywhere in the midwest. When/where are they?
  12. cowardlylion

    Sticker for Ntl Forrest riding (Ohio)

    Sell you into into slave labor.
  13. cowardlylion


    I'm up for a camp out... that sounds like fun. Can we do that at Wayne? If not where?
  14. cowardlylion


    Yeah I should... My wife is done with school in June, so that should help. I am still kicking around the idea of buying a small two stroke too.
  15. cowardlylion


    4/15 I think...