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  1. Hey, me too. I'm 1/2 mile north of 48 just off 22/3.
  2. I dont think a bicycle light is going to be powerful enough. It needs to through a beam pretty far ahead of you to be safe.
  3. Well, I'm not going riding with you... I live in Cinci now. I do head up that way often though, I grew up in Medina.
  4. Looks interesting... Anyone from Cinci area going?
  5. I'm in Sw Ohio, near Kings Island. I ride trails only, and I'm slow but fun to laugh at on the trails. Let me know when you go, I just may tag along.
  6. Hey Jerry, yeah, I still got it... I think. Good news for me is both my wife and I got promotions this year, so I can ride weekends again. Last time I talked to Tony he said he's keeping his bike, maybe he will be up to ride too.
  7. Hey Fred, I'm still around. I'm still slow too. I cant go this weekend, but I'll go another weekend with you and your daughter. I think I could keep up with her.
  8. Anybody doing HR from the Cinci area?
  9. I wanted to do HR last year but couldnt make it. I'll give it a go again this year. Whats it like? I'm not all that fast of a rider, would I just get run over? I guess its mostly offroad, correct?
  10. Thanks, if you think of anymore, post 'em up.
  11. I have not seen anything posted about spring D/S rides in Ohio, or anywhere in the midwest. When/where are they?
  12. Sell you into into slave labor.
  13. I'm up for a camp out... that sounds like fun. Can we do that at Wayne? If not where?
  14. Yeah I should... My wife is done with school in June, so that should help. I am still kicking around the idea of buying a small two stroke too.
  15. 4/15 I think...