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  1. snoblind

    New (to me) Fantic 300

    about 3 weeks trying to get it across the border, but now that i know its an afternoon afair! i had to pay 7% PST and 5% GST so about $160 and thats it.
  2. snoblind

    New (to me) Fantic 300

    I finally got my 300 Fantic from California today. Some of you might have seen it on Lewisport's used section. What a beautiful bike!
  3. snoblind

    Bike For Big Trials Rider

    one good thing about any of the newer Gassers is that there are stiffer springs available for the forks and shock from Lewisport. I have an 06 beta 270, an 08 sherco 3.2 and just sold a 99 bultaco 250, and the biggest thing for me was not the power but the suspension is too soft. i have not been able to find stiffer springs for the sherco or beta. I have an 08 GG Raga that should be here in just over a week and allready have the stiffer springs for it, I cant wait! oh yeah im 6'4" and about 260. another thing is too get handlebar risers so your back isnt hurting after a long day riding, for my Raga i got the taller bar mounts and bar mount risers and i think i will also change the bars to 5.5" fat bars. on my beta i have 6" renthals and they are still too low, on my sherco i have v mar 15mm risers and they are better than stock but still too low. hopefully with 30mm of bar rise, taller bars and the stiffer springs the new Raga will be perfect.
  4. snoblind

    99 Sherco 290 Trials transmission question

    the motor is Sherco's own and its still the same in the newest bikes.
  5. snoblind

    Backpack + fuel bottle solutions

    outlaw trials has a backpack that carries 3 of the fuel cans, pretty nice pack but no bladder. www.outlawtrials.com