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    Southwestern Ontario Riders

    For more info on dual sport and off-road riding in Ontario check out the Ontario Dual Sport Club. www.odsc.on.ca . Its the best place to go for any thing that concerns riding, bikes , etc in Ontario.
  2. ODSC1

    Brand New xr650

    The dealer might have installed the Baja Designs kit for the purchaser and sold them the DOT rear knobby as part of the street legal package. But the front tire looks stock and it's a non-DOT tire like the K695. Isn't pretty easy to get off-road bikes street plated in Colorado?
  3. ODSC1

    Brand New xr650

    The rear tire is not the original stock tire. It looks like a Maxxis IT. The stock tire is a Dunlop K695.
  4. Before you replace your clutch stack try adding one more steel plate to the bottom of the stack. Scott Summers posted on his website a few years ago that the overall thickness of the clutch stack wasn't thick enough. I've done this mod to both XR's I've owned and it's worked great. It's an easy thing to try before you spend the dollars on a new clutch. Brian
  5. One thing nice about the XRR filter is it's easy to carry a spare in a ziplock bag. Used the Moose filter for years without problems. Just installed a K&N but haven't had a chance to really try it yet.
  6. ODSC1

    XR650R Needs Choke On to Run

    The exhaust is stock with billet tip from ebay.
  7. I just put the stock carb back on my 03 XR650R. It has the standard uncorked jetting, 175 main, 68S pilot, and hrc needle in the middle position. Carb was clean and re-checked before installation. At the same time I added a K&N air filter. With the K&N filter the bike runs fine with the choke in the middle position. It will not run at any rpm with the choke completely off. I just took out the K&N and put the foam filter back in. It will start and idle now with the choke off but doesn't sound too good at higher rpms. Initially I thought it was running lean because the K&N filter flowing more air. But even with the foam filter it's sounds lean now at higher rpms. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be great! Thanks, Brian
  8. ODSC1

    What clutchplates for XRR?

    Before replacing the clutch plates add one more metal plate to the bottom of the clutch stack. It's a known issue that the overall thickness of the clutch stack isn't enough so it can slip prematurely. This was a all explained on Scott Summers website a few years back. Try it before you buy a complete clutch. Brian
  9. As stated already all you need to do is add another steel plate to the bottom of the stack. While it's apart check the metal plate that the judder spring comes in contact with. The spring wore a goove in the metal plate on my bike enough to cause the clutch to slip. For more info http://www.xr650r.us/clutch/ Brian
  10. ODSC1

    650R rad guards

    Unabiker makes rad guards that will work with the thicker aftermarket rads on the XRR. Not sure if it shows them on the website or not. If not you may have to contact them. Brian
  11. ODSC1

    XR650R Carb Problem

    I am switching back to the stock carb, to try it, after running the Edlebrock. The bike came with the Edlebrock installed. I put the proper jets in the stock carb, 175 main, 68s pilot, and the comp needle in the middle position. I've just installed the stock carb back into the bike and have some issues. It seems difficult to start. And when it does it usually revs high then shuts off. Doesn't seem to want to keep running. It did a couple times though but I haven't really been able to repeat that. Any ideas on where to look? Thanks, Brian
  12. I have a 2003 XR650R, bought used, which came with an Edlebrock carb installed. After riding another BRP with the stock carb I now want to switch back to stock. Atleast to try. So a couple of questions; Will the Edlbrock throttle cables fit on the stock carb? I do have the stock cables but the Edlebrock cables are longer and route in front of the bars. And will the same throttle assembly work with both carbs/cables? Does anyone have a stock throttle assembly they'd like to part with? Thanks, Brian
  13. I can't seem to log on the SRC website (srcinc.net). Last I heard was some trials guy bought the business from Scott. Is there a new website or another way to order parts? I liked the tech info he had too. Brian
  14. ODSC1

    XR650R clutch ?

    You can buy the plates individually from your dealer. Just add one steel plate to the bottom of the stack( basket side) and return the stock plates as usual. This will extend clutch life considerably, even if it's starting to slip a bit. Brian
  15. ODSC1

    XR650R clutch ?

    Another easy mod that was listed on the SRC- Summers Racing website, is to add an extra steel clutch plate to the bottom of the stack. Scott found that stock the stack wasn't thick enough. I did this mod to my last BRP as soon as the clutch started to slip, never touched it again. I'll do the same thing to my current BRP as well. Brian