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  1. klxing

    hot start help

    thanks i will try the idle screw but seams to idle ok maby i can slow it down a bit. the bike is hard to start hot if i kill it or just shut it off.i haven't dumped it yet. but i plan to real soon. i just haven't done a lot of hard ridding since i put in the kit. will the hot start help i was planning to get one but some one said it will only help if i dump it or it is flooded now i dint know what to think
  2. klxing

    hot start help

    i installed a fsw dyno jet kit and removed the air box lid. the bike starts great and runs great way better than be for. but now if i kill it it is hard to start back taking 10 or 12 kicks were be for it would start first kick when hot. this is a pain in the ass but not worth returning to my stock jets and needle i can deal with it for the performance gains and was just wandering if anyone could help
  3. klxing

    hot start help

    I don't have a hot start yet, but I plan to get one soon. now that I installed A jet kit it don't start so good when hot. Can anyone help me with some tips until I get my hot start kit? thanks
  4. klxing

    New Pegs Whoo Hoo!!

    how much? they look cool!
  5. klxing

    jet kit made me smile

    I just installed A jet kit in my klx 300 and removed my air box lid.It was easy it started and ran great first try i was worried it was gonna take a lot of adjustment but it didn't need any at all .Thanks to all, for all the great posts they were a big help.TT rules!
  6. klxing

    Shift star from FSW a dream!

    How hard was this to put in? i am very interested in it if i can do it myself
  7. klxing

    difference klx300 and 300R???

    no prob i may be over sensetive
  8. klxing

    difference klx300 and 300R???

    yea my klx 300 out runs my Buddy's xr 200 but you dint see me On the xr site bragging about it. there is all ways some one faster.
  9. klxing

    Where to buy xr200 parts?

    how much for a rear shock off one of them
  10. klxing

    klx300 or wr 250 or crf 250?

    Thank you all very much! I feel better and i love my klx cant wait till i do some mods
  11. klxing

    klx300 or wr 250 or crf 250?

    thanks i love it but was told i am not supposed to so thanks
  12. i have an 06 klx 300 but was told i would have been better of with a wr or crf 250 just wondering what you all thought i just trail ride and pull some hills when i can get out of florida
  13. klxing

    are fuel addativies worth the price?

    Dont want to sound like Hank Hill here but but engines that have run on propane will look like new in side even with high miles and when you change the oil it will look like you just put it inthe only probs are you have to get hardened valve guids because propane had no lubricateing abbilitiy but it is a wonderfull fuel ill tell you what
  14. Hey ,just wandering if any of you use fuel additives and if they work?thanks for the help.