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  1. medicman

    DID 520 ERV3 x-ring chain

    Yea thank you. I just ran a different chain and will have to order a special chain tool to get the new one on.
  2. medicman

    Boiling fuel or coolant?

    It wasn't your fuel. It was your radiators boiling over. Just let the bike cool down for a while and ride again, you'll be fine. Mine boils too when I ride it hard.
  3. medicman

    DID 520 ERV3 x-ring chain

    Perfect,that's what I was looking for. Thanks
  4. medicman

    DID 520 ERV3 x-ring chain

    So do I need a rivit tool or can I use my chain press and just press the link together
  5. medicman

    DID 520 ERV3 x-ring chain

    Need help guys! Bought a new chain and it does not come with a master link. It appears the link has to be pressed on? I have a chain press tool I just bought, how do I install this chain? Help ASAP
  6. medicman

    light dust on carb slide

    So I am having my suspension done on my 20011 wr450 with all free mods and while I had the sub frame off the bike I noticed a very light film of dust on my carb slide on the air filter side. Ive only ridden the bike a hand full of times and I thought I was meticulous on my air filter maintenance? do I need to clean my filter more or do I have dirty air getting into my carb somehow?
  7. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    Thanks for the input. I think ill take the advice and leave it alone for now, just ride and be happy!
  8. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    Well I have the JD main in there right now I think that's a 168. Glamis will be a big load on the bike(sand) so I assume I should go up on the main right. It runs great right now so maybe I'll not F with it
  9. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    I am debating using the 175. Going to ride glamis sand dunes and I think I'll need to go bigger on the main. Anyone have glamis jetting down for an 07+ wr450
  10. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    Thanks man
  11. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    I don't want to replace any of the JD stuff with GYTR stuff. Does the JD kit only have the needle, and main jet?
  12. medicman

    GYTR and JD jet question

    So I have an 2011 wr450 with all the free mods done and an fmf power bomb full exhaust. My question is I installed the JD kit when I bought the bike brand new. Runs great. I also had purchased the GYTR block off kit that came with all the other jets and two years later just put the block off kit on. I forgot what the JD came with as far as jets. The GYTR has the leak jet, etc etc. What comes in the GYTR kit that the JD kit doesn't have? Hope that wasn't to confusing
  13. medicman

    2011 wr450 wire connectors

    So aim trying to remove the subframe on my bike, the wire connectors are a pain. Is there a special tool to push both pins in at the same time or do you just have to be very coordinated
  14. medicman

    Super Frustrated WR426

    I used to have a 2002 yzf426 was a great bike. Pull the decompression lever in and cycle through the stroke a few times (kick the kick starter with the release pulled in) Then release the compression release (small black lever on left side above cluch lever) slowly kick the kick starter until you are unable to kick any more, remember to do this slowly, dont kick it hard. When the kick starter is in the high position or TDC pull the compression release again and just barley push the kick starter about an inch. Let the kick starter come all the way back up. Release the compression lever and give it a full hard kick. Once you get it youll never forget it.
  15. medicman

    Gordons Well

    going without a paddle would be like going to the beach without a pair of swim trunks! paddle will be well worth it!