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  1. mtallon37

    For all the KX450F owners...

    The guy breaking his bars on the KX450 is actually true. They were not stock bars though. What I heard is he took his bars off of his '05 CRF450 that had different clamps and positioning than the KX clamps and this may have caused them to snap.
  2. mtallon37

    Forks seals are leaking. :(

    How many hours did you have on the seals? I bleed the air from my forks religiously these days since I heard this helps prolong seal life.
  3. mtallon37

    Any Sprocket Size Changes Yet?

    Did you feel like 3rd gear became more usable in the corners? What class/level do you ride? I am Vet-Int. I have considered increasing the rear sprocket size by 1-2 teeth to experiment with this. On the flip side 2nd gear is much more usable than what I thought it would be. Right off the bottom this bike is so strong and trackable. I feel like with a little more top-end (maybe a pipe?) that I could rev 2nd gear longer in the tighter corners. This bike is close to perfection.
  4. mtallon37

    Tips for Owners of THE 450F...

    Good advice. Trash the front tire though if you are riding on anything that is not hard pack. I went with a Dunlop 756 80/100x21 for intermediate/soft terrain and it is much better.
  5. mtallon37

    Full System vs. Slip-On

    Mike, Did you try the FMF slip on with the PowerBomb? Why did yo go with a Two Brothers slip-on?
  6. mtallon37

    setting sag???

    I was able to set my KX450 sag with a long flat bladed screwdriver. It's tight, but much easier than pulling the sub-frame. I am a 170#, Vet-Int. I found the front end pushed in the corners somewhat. I set the sag at 4". For intermediate/soft terrain I switched to a Dunlop 80/100x21 756 on the front at 12.5 psi. Rear: HS Comp 1 1/6 (turns out) LS Comp 7 Rebound 14 Front: Comp 16 Rebound 14 Oil - Stock for now This was set up on soft terrain. The bike is biting in the corners and settling into a rut much easier now. I have ridden it on the same day, and same track conditions side-by-side with my 2005 Honda 450 and like the KX much better. The 4 speed gearbox does take some getting used to after riding the 5 speed Honda. The KX front brake is much better than the Honda. The KX pulls harder off the bottom than the Honda but is still very trackable.