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  1. Hasenpfeffer

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    Hey edofloat - I live in Esko, about 15 miles from Duluth and am always looking for folks to ride with.
  2. Hasenpfeffer

    Knee Locks -What's wrong??

    About 3 times a day my left knee will "lock" and hurt like hell. Usually happens if I rotate my foot a certain way while bending the knee. The only way to relieve it is to have someone pull on it - HARD. After that it feels fine. It doesn't seem to affect my riding - have had x rays and they found nothing. Should I ride with a knee brace??
  3. Hasenpfeffer

    What oil do you use in your 250F

    I use amsoil 10W-40 synthetic. A friend of mine is a dealer, they have a white paper on their web site, check it out - good stuff http://www.amsoil.com/lit/g2156.pdf
  4. Hasenpfeffer

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    I live in Esko (about 15 miles from Duluth) and used to live in Superior WI. I ride Nemadji State Forest. IMO it is the best place to ride in the area. There is also a fun little stretch of the Wild Rivers Trail between Solon Springs and Wascott in WI (the rest of it is railroad grade and boring). By the way to answer early questions about WI riding- according WI DNR in Superior, dirtbikes fall into a "grey area" and don't need to be tagged, the regulations were written for quads and bikes fall into a loophole
  5. Went out riding with the wife on Saturday. Put on 27 miles without incident. She went to turn around on a trail about 2 miles from the truck and dumped the bike. She said her leg hurt a little but she was ok. Got back to the truck and pulled her boot and knee guard off and saw a 5 1/2 inch gapping wound!! Five hours at the ER and 32 stitches later we finally got her home (4 internal and 28 external stitches) Again, she had MX boots and knee guards on. The peg caught her in the one area of her leg that was unprotected. And why was it unprotected? Because she did not have MX pants on! In addition to the obvious protection of helmet, boots, and goggles, she had on one of my chest protectors, knee guards and elbow guards. We thought she was well protected. We learned the hard way that jogging pants and jeans just don't measure up. The MX pants aren't just for looks. The leather patches on the inside of the legs probably would have prevented this. I've always worn MX pants when riding but my wife wanted to "drop a couple of pounds" over the winter and buy a pair in the spring. Big mistake. http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i27/hasenpfeffer/IMG_1538.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i27/hasenpfeffer/IMG_1543.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i27/hasenpfeffer/IMG_1547.jpg
  6. Hasenpfeffer

    Air Filter Cleaning?

    Most air filter oils have a tackifier in them. Tackifer is the stuff that makes the oil sticky. If you put some filter oil between your fingers and open and close them you will see the fine threads that appear - that's the tackifier. Gear oils would not contain this ingredient. A gear oil might be better than no oil at all but I would say it is not a suitable replacement.
  7. Hasenpfeffer

    Woo Hoo Love my new WRF250

    Just picked up a 2005 WRF250 today and took it on the break-in ride (it was new on the dealer's floor). Totally love this bike - I upgraded from a CRF230 and the difference is like night and day. Wow what a difference. Even thought I started out RED, I think I am a permanent convert to BLUE. Going to Nemadji state forest in NE Minnesota tomorrow to give it a good ride. Nemadji is an awesome place to ride- over 100 miles of trials, much of it single track. I will change the oil before I go, is there anything else I should do after today's break in?
  8. Hasenpfeffer

    Ready to switch from Red to Blue

    I ride strictly trails. No MX. I think I am going to play hooky from work tomorrow and get the bike - can't wait!!
  9. I've tried to search the forum but search is disabled. I have an 05 crf230 and I am ready to make the move to a bigger bike... and to BLUE. Looking at an 05 wrf250 at a local dealer - it is new on the floor. Felt awesome to sit on. He was asking 4999 but has agreed to go to 4599. That seems like a good deal for a new wrf250. Any thing I should look out for? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I had similar issues with my 05 230. I replaced stock tires with a set of Dunlop 756's. Made a world of difference. Stay with same size on front, I went with an 110/100 on the rear. I love that set up.
  11. Hasenpfeffer

    CRF's Only ??

    Here you go CRF'S Only 201 South Wineville Avenue Suite B Ontario, CA 91761 909-758-8034 I just tried the number and got their answering machine
  12. Hasenpfeffer

    CRF's Only ??

    Here you go CRF'S Only 201 South Wineville Avenue Suite B Ontario, CA 91761 909-758-8034 I just tried the number and got their answering machine
  13. Hasenpfeffer

    Magazine articles wr250f 06

    The latest edition of Trail Rider Magazine has a nice write up and review of the 06' WR250F. I left my copy at work but could scan it for you tomorrow. The gave the bike a good review - they also listed several improvements over the 05'
  14. I went through the same decision last year. I am 38 and hadn't been on a bike for 20+ years. I'm 5'9" and 180 lbs. I got the 230 and am very glad I did. The 150 would have been way too small for me after about 3 rides. Buy the 230 and work on fundementals like clutch, brake, throttle and balance and you'll be fine.
  15. Hasenpfeffer

    230 Oil

    Amsoil Formula 4 Stroke 0W-40