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  1. #21 ttr 125le
  2. As long as you don't do anything crazy, it's a fun bike and can almost go anywhere.
  3. I have a ttr 125LE and I love it I'm 5'5 125lbs 13 years old. And I LOVE it.
  4. Tt-r 125 L/le
  5. You can barely fit a full size motorcycle in it.
  6. Is the wall ok.
  7. I also have a 05 TTR 125 and that always happens to me. What I do is turn the choke on and leave it in neutral let the motor heat up then take an easy and after the first mile or two it should be fine. The reason is that the bikes are cold natured and the engine is not big enough to warm up quickly.
  8. I rode 20 miles non-stop went throw water at 25 miles an hour, I got soaked with my engine and it didn't do anything.
  9. thats old
  10. You think hair is bad wait until they get eyeshadow!
  11. That stinks you have to put it together I put mine together took FOREVER
  12. rip off one word borem good knockoff if you get a racing bike they are FAST!!!!