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  1. ONe of my local suspension guys bought one of each 06 250f and the honda blew up in 2 weeks, all the other ones were fine.
  2. do any of you guys have pics of the kawai's with red accents in the backgrounds instead of green?
  3. Thats what every one runs
  4. i can get one fo 5755
  5. Dose anyone in michigan have this bike????????????????????????????
  6. Those of you that bought your 06crf250r in michigan, where did you buy it and how much was it out the door.
  7. What dealer is that?
  8. dose morlans have a website?
  9. Thats the super double at freelin right? And do you race at baja and pro source too?
  10. That looks sweet
  11. the hondas keep saying people are breaking the bearings on the cam. So im just gonna go kawai if the motor isnt completly new
  12. both the honda guys and the kxf guys say they have no problems at all, im stumped i think i might go honda because kawai's motor is brand new, and honda's is semi old.
  13. yea i think im gonna get the honda because the kxf's are a brand new motor and that scares me. Plus i haven't really heard of any probs with the crf, except for the people that are like, "i only change my oil one time a year." lol
  14. so no one has had any problems or had their bike blow?
  15. So what problems have you guys had so far with your 06's.