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  1. yendor1958

    05 R cam in 07 CRF 250x Question

    Thanks for the info Kev! Has anyone compared a 05r cam to a HC1 cam on a basically stock (JD jet, airbox mod, cut baffle) 250x? The bulk of my riding is 2nd & 3rd gear single track with a few laps around the mx track.
  2. yendor1958

    05 R cam in 07 CRF 250x Question

    My 07 has about 30hrs on it and I've read that an 05R cam should provide a good overall boost in the powerband. Bike has JD Jetting, trimmed air box w/Twin Air filter, cut exhaust baffle, 13/51 gearing and runs good. Ron Eyers shows two part numbers, two prices 670 being about $5 more: 14100 KRN 670 14100 KRN 730 Which one should I order? Is there anything else I should replace when I install this cam…like valve springs, retainers, cam buckets? Any other advice? Thanks for your help.
  3. yendor1958

    Rear suspension leverage ratio?

    Does anyone know the rear suspension leverage ratio for a 250x? I'm thinking about lowering my bike 3/4 -1". I'm 5-9 and the height is ok for easy trails and tracks. The exception is when I ride steep rutted technical trails (most of the time) I think having the bike a little lower could help a lot. It won't cost me anything to try, since i have access to a full shop with all the tools needed. It's time for a fluid change front and rear also. I thought about the Durelle seat but I like the current ergo's just as they are. Thanks.
  4. yendor1958

    Foot pegs

    My preference is to use stock pegs...since i've been using the crf230 fastway pegs for a couple of seasons. Either way sign me up for a set. You could also ask Reger Engineering to make a special run of footpeg mounts.
  5. yendor1958

    crf 150 front rim

    i have a pair that i would sell you if you're interested
  6. yendor1958

    CR85 Shock - I give up LOL

    Tone, I call the triangle thing a "rocker" and the u shaped thing "link". I'm getting ready to buy a WP shock so your experiment is timely. Currently my 150 has a lengthend Hlebo shock w CR85 forks. 150 rocker on a 230 = raised rear 150 link on a 230 = lower rear 230 rocker on a 150 = lower rear 230 link on 150 = raised rear A few tuning options! I'm guessing the difference is due to needing more room for the bigger wheel on the 230. I'd also be concerned with ground clearance when you bottom out...that may be another reason the parts are different. How's the ride height/ground clearance compared to your Hlebo shock. Was your Hlebo shock stock or extended length? Keep us posted on how your bike rides with the CR85 shock and 230 link. Thanks!
  7. ...for a little project! I've been searching ebay for awhile and so far nothing yet. If anyone knows of any, let me know. Thanks!
  8. yendor1958

    Everyone should get theft insurance(I didn't)

    I'm interested in the swingarm from the 230 if its not damaged.
  9. yendor1958

    230 swingarm on 150...

    ...Anyone ever tried it? or any 230 owners that downsized their wheels have any feedback? The 150 has about a 52" WB and the 230 54". The 230 swingarm is about 1.5" longer and I figured the extra stability may improve the overall handling of the 150. A 250X WB is 58"...comments! -Thanks
  10. yendor1958

    CRF230F-X Project Complete!

    Trickest 230 ever! You win hands down! Where did you come up with rear brake pedal? It looks like its alloy in the pics! Thanks!
  11. yendor1958

    Coeshow big bore kits?

    I'm interested in a bigbore kit for my 150 and was wondering if he's still around. He has not responed to emails sent through his website. Does anyone have any experience using EO, Powroll or BBR big bore kits with regards to reliability & power gains over a stock engine. Thanks in advance.