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  1. Man, I remember that 125 national at Keithsburg!! I beleive it was June 12th, 1977 Around the time of our District 17 Motocross race. I rode a Suzuki Rm 125-B and my brother had the Just got a new Rm-125-C. I didn't even finish the the first lap at paractice when my head-bolt studs came loose (new Bore Job) and the compression pushed the head up. My brother finished either 3rd or fourth overall after a bad start that put him behind 30 -40 other bikes. When the national came to us it was a big deal!....Hurricane Hannah riding that Killer ow works bike. Warren Reid on a factory rc-125, The all red one Jimmy Weinert on a Factory 125 kawasaki. Radical Ron turner on a Moto X Fox Rm 125-B, Billy Grossi on a factory suzuki..............Those were the days! If I remember right Hannan Lapped up to 3rd or fourth Place rider on that track. He was simply kicking everyones ass. And where he was doing it was on the back straight woop de doos. He must have gained 10 seconds on every lap. You had to see it to beleive it. Everyone would hit those woops and ride them out. Everyone but Hannah that is. He took the outside line where the woops wern't as deep. He hit em hard and fast, front tire hardly touching the sand while his throttle hand was only inches from the fence. The smartest damn racer i ever saw. I wish i could dig up the 8-mm that someone took on that day. It shows him doing exactly what i have said.........I saw warren Reid endow hard over the bars on a downhill whoop. Jimmy Weinert I beleive ran out of gas on the new Factory Kaw....(small tank).....THOSE WERE THE DAYS