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  1. Hey thanks for the info OK carb question. There is a smaller flat head screw there is that the air mixture screw? and if so is there a certain place it should be such as all the way in then two turn out? I have changed the oil and changed the plug to the CR6HSA but it was really black and only after a short ride. I have not changed the filter but I did check it and it seemed to be really oily should it be or should it be more on the dry side? as for adjusting the cluth I have not done that either but to give more information I noticed today I was sitting on it and it was in first gear not giving any gas and it seemed to lunge a little like it wants to go then it would back off then do it again is that normal? and thanks again for the information. Casey
  2. I have a 2003 XR 70 just bought two weeks ago for my daughter. I have two questions First I bought a new plug and noticed that it was real black like it is running rich, it had a NGK CR7HSA in it and I replaced it with a NGK CR6HSA which I have now figured out is a colder plug. even after the bike warms up it seems to idle high and a little rough in my opinion like it is bouncing (hope this makes since) Second question When changing gears from neutral to first or first to second it hits pretty hard. Is this normal any info would be appreciated. Thanks Casey