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  1. bryanklx250s

    ANY one got a Mikuni 33mm pumper for sale?

    I have one, I haven't even used it. I have all the jets and all that came with it from White Bros. I dont have the skills to hook it up, so IM not going to mess with it. Do you still need one?
  2. I've had my KLX250s since Dec. This has been an excellent commuting and traile bike for me! Great gas mileage, comfortable, goes the speed limit ( and more if you want it to) and didn't cost an arm and a leg. If you aren't into hardcore riding and jumping, this is a GREAT trail bike. I've been thoroughly pleased with this bike, especially the fairly light weight and electric start! As I've put more miles on the engine, the power has increased and is more responsive. Again, great all around bike for the money. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I have owned many bikes. I've always owned Honda's, but Thanks Kawasaki!
  3. Where can I get the 13t Counter Sprocket and what's the make and part #? Thanks!
  4. bryanklx250s

    06 KLX250s Mods and Compatability

    I'm going to keep my bike stock. I recieved the Mikuni TM33 KLX300 Carb Kit from White bros but I'm going to sell it. I just don't feel like messing with any of it If anyone wants to buy it, let me know. It comes with various jets and a throttle. This site is awesome!
  5. bryanklx250s

    Fitting the TM33 on KLX250 question

    Oh, sorry. Not talking about the air box... Talking about the intake to the cylinder head.
  6. The TM33 Mikuni Pumper doesn't quite slide all the way into the intake on the KLX250s. Not only is the depth a little off, but so is the diameter. Did any of you have to use an adapter to get it to fit snug? Thanks!
  7. bryanklx250s

    Need Advice- Mikuni TM33 Jetting, KLX250s

    Thank you VERY much. I think I'll use a 140 main. I wonder if I should use a 35 or 37.5 Pilot since using stock exhaust.
  8. bryanklx250s

    Need Advice- Mikuni TM33 Jetting, KLX250s

    nah, left the exhaust all stock.. Don't want the noise. Living around a metropolitan area
  9. bryanklx250s

    Need Advice- Mikuni TM33 Jetting, KLX250s

    No other mods have been done. Does anyone have the base settings? I'm near Washington DC, sea level is 400ft max Thanks
  10. I installed the Mikuni TM33 Pumper on my 2006 KLX250s. Installation was fairly simple. The kit came from White Bro's designed for the KLX300. Here is the problem I am having. Oh, I did ensure that there are no air leaks. I used a silicone sealant on the boots. Also the air box snorkel has been removed. Taking off the entire air box lid caused some smoke so I re-installed it and most of the smoke went away. I just have the snorkel removed now. The bike starts right up, there are no fluctuations in the idle. However when I snap the throttle or open the throttle all the way, there is hesistation and bogging down until I let off the throttle. Upon deceleration, there is some minor backfiring. Is this a symptom or running too lean or too rich? What is the fix for this issue and do you know if the Mikuni Pumper jetting is the same for the KLX300 (which came set from white bros) or does it need to be adjusted for the KLX250. If the jetting is different, any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  11. bryanklx250s

    TM33 report

    What are the carb settings? I just got the carb, installed it, seems to be running lean. When you snap the throttle it wants to stall then backfires on deceleration. Thanks! Bryan
  12. bryanklx250s

    06 KLX250s Mods and Compatability

    Yes, positive on the Cat Converter. It's in the owners manual and have seen a couple of threads on it. No doubt its choking it.
  13. A few days ago I purchased an 06 KLX20s. The bike is a lot of fun to ride and does quite well on the trails. However, It's lacking in the power department. This bike is certainly choked down, especially since the exhaust has a catalytic converter. I want to change the exhaust and either rejet the carb or change the carb to the Mikuni TM33 pumper. However, when searching for exhausts and carb jets or the Mikuni Pumper, I pretty much only come up with results for the KLX300 or older KLX250's. Here are my questions. Dynojet only references a KLX300 jet kit. Since it's the same carb, would the jetting be the same for the KLX250? There are several companies that sell a complete Pumper carb kit for the KLX300..They ship it out with the jetting for that bike. However, none have a kit for the KLX250. Would the KLX300 kit work on the 250? Are the exhausts similar? I can't find the exhuast for an 06 KLX250s, however, I can find them for the KLX250 up to 2004. Were there any changes that would prohibit fitting a 2004 KLX250 exhaust on a 2006? Most of you on here are PRO's with the KLX. Any help with this bike would be much appreciated! I'm new to Kawasaki.