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  1. I've been a TT member for quite a few years during the best years (so far) of motorcycle development and technology and it's all been discussed TT.....I go way back on "thumpers" and "smokers" and think it's cool I can come to a site where I can share the love of both, neither, or one or the other at any given time in my motorcycling career and there will be guys (and ladies) here on TT who'll completely get it. But damn I love thumpers. On the other hand....😈🤣
  2. cubera

    France MXON team

    Seems Marv is a man without a country. Interesting the French would have a problem with anyone trying to play it both ways though.
  3. Well said. I live and ride in these areas and can say, unequivocally, that I've never had a pleasant encounter with BLM. Even when accompanied by Federal officers of other agencies the BLM people are difficult to deal with and are considered bottom of the barrel officers from an agency that should have been stood down years ago. Having said that, I believe we should take pause and find out all the information before condemning these officers. The case seems very odd to me from I've read and for sure there are two sides to every story. Thankfully nobody was killed. There are some SUPER BAD ACTORS in these parts even at night. They need full blown military response not just some Barny Fife's with badges. BLM is outmanned, out gunned, and out smarted.
  4. cubera

    Mario Roman Wins Valongo Extreme

    That Sherco is a great looking and obviously great performing machine. I like them all...KTM/Husqvarna, Beta, GasGas.....all of the 2-strokes. Good to see Sherco on the top box with a GREAT rider.
    Courtesy of Jeff Slavens Racing. Included in package is everything needed to install the Lectron and a note asking for you to not do anything to it as it is pre-tuned by Slavens. Simple install and absolutely "plug-n-play". Bike runs perfect all times regardless of temperature or elevation. It self adjusts! No spooge and great fuel economy. Better than FI.
  5. cubera

    Breaking news about the new KTM TPI’s

    Is there any data to support that statement?
  6. cubera

    Dealer didn’t oil filter - yz250x

    Is there any damage to your engine? Did any dust get by the filter that you can see or feel? You bike is likely just fine no harm no foul. My 0.02$
  7. cubera

    2016 YZ450F 450f Broken shock mount!

    That's totally fixable. Might be a chore to find someone but it can be done IMHO. I come from the era when everything broke and was junk and had to be welded, braced, triced, bolted, drill, screwed, glued, bubble gum and bailing wired.......
  8. cubera

    Breaking news about the new KTM TPI’s

    FI/TPI is not the future. Lectron is the future for off road bikes both 2 and 4 stroke. Seriously.
  9. cubera

    Roczen giving it to Anderson . Thoughts ?!?

    That was some great racing! Both Roczen and Anderson were over their heads and it was a case of which rider would make the least costly mistakes. Anderson prevailed in this case despite Roczen's valiant efforts. No need to think anything bad of either of these racers who gave it their all. Great racing plain and simple. No shame anywhere, no fakery either IMHO
  10. cubera

    New MX track Outside Boulder City, NV

    Looks like a great time. I'm in Yuma so maybe it's a little farther away from me than ACP but I'm game to get there and try it out. I like Vet tracks just for some conditioning and seat time.
  11. cubera

    20 year old Bike question

    Great conversation. Newer is better IMHO.
  12. cubera

    Sunoco Race Fuels?

    I'll run 50/50 Premium/AV Gas or Sunoco 112 leaded sometimes in the Summer months or for racing in high ambient temps or certain other types of rides. Engines run cooler but I don't think power is any better. I love the smell of race gas in the morning especially when mixed with castor oil. Reminds me of my youth.
  13. cubera

    Husqvarna TX 300 2017

    Most excellent very tunable chassis and engine. Truly a "do it all" machine.
  14. cubera

    Husqvarna TX 300 (2017)


    Most excellent very tunable chassis and engine. Truly a "do it all" machine.