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  1. I rode street for many years and never had any serious issues except once I hit a deer. Be aware, hone your skills, dress for the crash not the ride. There are some things we can do something about and some things we can't. But we should keep trying.
  2. My cousin ran into an coming car turning left. The guy timed it perfectly. My cousin never hit the brakes. This individual had already been arrested multiple time for drunk driving involving injury. No license, no insurance, illegal alien. His penalty was to have his green card expedited. I shit you not. Denver is another sanctuary city where certain people are above the law....even murder. My nephew was squeezed into a guard rail/center divider. He was ejected from the bike landing in the right hand lane (two lanes in his direction). The car immediately behind him stopped but the car in the right hand lane stepped on the gas and ran over him. That vehicle then left the scene. We know this because the lady who stopped wanted us to know she was holding his hand when he drew his last breath. So the Seattle/Kirkland WA area is another sanctuary city so certain people have special rights even if they murder someone. The lady who ran over my nephew was holding a Mexican DL address in MX City. She had several other people in the vehicle who reportedly drunk so we think she was a passenger then switched to driver to save her comrades. The vehicle who ran him into the guard rail has never been found as far as I know. I didn't want to make this a post about sanctuary cities and illegal aliens but there you go. My family has been decimated and my own people don't care. YES! Dress for the crash not the ride.
  3. cubera

    I like dean BUT

    I like him too and I agree he does come across a bit whiney. Maybe it's his accent? He is one hell of a rider.
  4. I don't like to remember too much about dirt naps. I'm 58 and started riding off road again at age 45. I started riding at age 5 and by 15 I was an expert moto crosser. My first expert race I had a spiral tib-fib fracture and spent the better part of a year recovering. It was the end of my moto cross days. By then, I had some other more dominant interests­čśł. I rode street after I got my DL until I retired from the Navy. I had some road rash injuries in all those years but thankfully nothing too serious! In fact, last year I did a 3600 mile solo round trip to Sturgis and back on the Harley. After I returned, my nephew was killed on his Harley by an illegal alien in Kirkland, WA. Ironically, a cousin was also killed by an illegal alien in Denver while riding his Harley to work the prior year. Sold the Harley. The whole time in the Navy I wished I could go ride in the open desert or woods or track or anywhere off road. Since returning to off road, I've averaged 100-200 hours a year on a dirt bike. I've done more than 100 desert races. Through it all I've broken quite a few bones, almost every rib, both wrists, pelvis, toes, fingers, etc. I've suffered many nights in fear that I would not be able to ride again. I had a heart attack while racing in 2010. I did my cardiac rehab on the bike on a local off road course. So I've learned some things: My mother always said if I were going to be stupid I'd better be tough. Ride for enjoyment and for yourself. It's OK to push it a little just learn when and where. Stay at 80 percent of your ability and ride your ride. Don't let people push you. Practice the basics because you'll be faster and safer and enjoy riding more. If you get a chance to take a class with a Destry Abbott level rider DO IT! There is so much more to dirt bike riding than the ride. I've met the greatest people in the world who are into dirt bikes. It's a great family activity. Some people are born with talent. Most of us are not. Having said that, most of us can be "fast guys" with enough work at skill building. It's not about that for me right now. It's about the shear enjoyment of cruising a favorite trail at a pace I enjoy with a friend who feels the same way. Maybe when I'm 60 and racing again I'll worry about be competitive but right now I'm enjoying the ride more than ever before. I really, really, really fast guy (not a mere mortal like myself) once told me it is the guy (or gal) who has the most fun wins. There is wisdom there. Yes, there are risks. Yes, there are benefits. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? ABSOLUTELY!
  5. cubera

    Grants NM

    Seems odd there would be so much theft since NM has the slackest gun laws in the country.....but I digress­čśÄ It is an exceedingly poor area and for sure poverty drives crime. I just want to go ride my dirt bike in peace. What side of Mt. Taylor is best?
  6. cubera

    Grants NM

    Thank you, RedMesa! I'll browse all you've linked over time. Very helpful!
  7. cubera

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    Yep. Good times!
  8. Then put on an 8 oz. Steahly, FMF/Husqvarna factory chamber, and Vortex reeds and you'll have a tractor capable of 85MPH with stock gearing­čĄá
  9. Get a pinger with a button. You won't regret it.
  10. cubera

    2019 tx300, new to aer forks with a couple ?s

    robertaccio I want to thank you for posting that chart! It makes a huge difference for me when I stick to the recommended air pressure for the rear spring rate. I'm able to slam some serious g-outs much harder with much more confidence. FYI, this is the first bike I've had in the last 15 years with extensive and expensive re-work. It's good to go out of the crate sans the bigger rear spring.
  11. cubera

    Magura is a complete joke

    I have a 2018 TX 300 full Magura set-up and it's been awesome for the last 50 hours.
  12. cubera

    newmexico Grants NM

    Probably going to Grants around the first of the year.....might be there year 'round for the foreseeable future. Any decent riding there? Any off road MC groups or clubs I could join? Please educate me on what to expect and where to find information. Thank you in advance.
  13. cubera

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    Send me a PM. I'm in Yuma every other week at least through November. I know about every trail around and would be happy to show you around. Don't get discouraged. There are some outstanding trails in the Yuma area.
  14. cubera

    Powervalve springs

    Now when you say "adjuster flush", you are saying brass is flush with the outside housing, right? There is a little bevel in there... didnt know what im supposed to be flush with. Anyways, the red spring makes a noticable difference over yellow? Correct. Flat part of brass flush with case rim around it. This is, with the yellow spring, the factory setting and it works well everywhere. It could be a bit boring still for some people but for me I like the linear power delivery especially when I'm at the end of a long ride. It'll still give some "hit" albeit at a little higher RPM than the red spring.
  15. cubera

    Te300i 300xcw

    I have a 2018 TX 300 with 50 hours on it. I see it in my future a couple of years or more from now. It's that good. KTM is always changing things for new model years. They are famous for this. This is all about selling new bikes. They change frame geometry, new engine hangers, clutch changes, etc. I wouldn't hold my breath that these changes are really as significant as advertised. 2019 boasts changes and they didn't change that much where I would jump all over a new cheaper 2018, for example.