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  1. I'll put the 162 main in and try it with and without the TPS unplugged. Thanks.
  2. My '00 DRZ400 misses at high RPM and full throttle. It runs fine in all other conditions. I know it isn't the rev limiter, because I can accelerate if I back off to 3/4 throttle. I have changed my main jet incrementally from the stock 142 all the way up to 175, but the problem is still there. This is not a subtle or intermittent problem, it happens every time in all conditions. Full throttle acceleration at lower RPM is strong. Could this be associated with the Kehein FCR throttle position sensor? My engine is stock, airbox snorkel removed, and Pro Circuit T4 pipe with and without Raptor baffle. I have checked my valve clearances, verified proper cam timing, replaced the spark plug, and installed a manual timing chain tensioner. I have not pulled the flywheel to verify stator timing, but the fact that it idles perfectly makes me believe it isn't that. I haven't had a shop look at it yet, but will be my next step. I appreciate any advice you can give.