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  1. Arec100

    Suspension work recommendations FC 350

    I've decided to hold off on suspension work. A guy I trust locally gave me some good setting that I'll try when the weather breaks. If I can't get a setting by mid summer I'll send it out then
  2. Arec100

    Suspension work recommendations FC 350

    I forgot to mention I went up in spring rate in the shock via FC
  3. Hey all! Was about to pull the trigger and send the suspension off of my '17 FC 350 to Kreft to get everything done. But just curious, before I do, what have others done and what are your experiences. I also looked into sending to stillwell and factory connection.They are substantially cheaper. I ride MX, mostly sand as that's what my tracks made of, and the local tracks that are typical western/upstate NY soil. I'm 225, 33yo, mid B vet rider. Thanks a ton in advance guys! I'll attach a pic of the track I ride at typically.
  4. Arec100

    TCX boots?

    Hey guys! It's been 10 years since I was last racing, I'm now in my 30's and riding again! Anyways, its getting close to the end of the riding season here in NY. I was thinking of waiting til January for the new Sidi Crossfire 3's, or getting a pair of Gaerne SG 12's. As I was shopping around for SG12's I found a hell of a deal on TCX comp evo michelins. I remember Oxstar's and Kdub wearing them at one point. Just wanted to know if these would be comparable to the boots I was originally looking at for protection and comfort? I can't find too many reviews on them. I see Broc tickle rocks them... but I try not to go by sponsored riders because I know I'd rock odd boots if they paid me thanks in advance guys! I know I can count on you for honesty and opinions!
  5. Arec100

    riding gear

    tearoffs, and if you've got the cash get some good knee braces.
  6. Arec100

    Do you bore shift your 4 stroke?

    doesn't that cause it to over rev between shifts?
  7. Arec100

    Do you bore shift your 4 stroke?

    I'm not sure if its the exact term, but I guess you could call it powershifting too. keeping the bike pinned while you shift is what I meant.
  8. I just recently purchased a 450 after about a 5 year hiatus from racing. When I left I was racing 250 and 125 amateur and dislocated my hips from a bad caseing incident. Anyways, I'm back at it only on a 4 stroke this time. I've been watching a lot of racing and it seems that a lot of the guys dont seem to bore shift the 4 strokes? When I was racing 2 strokes thats all I ever did. My question here is how exactly do you shift your 4 stroke? Do you Bore? or do you just do a natural shift? or don't use the clutch at all? And is clutching a 4 stroke even prevalent when racing? thanks for the help in advance. Eric
  9. Tedesco ALL THE WAY!!!! who cares? as long as the racing is good.
  10. Arec100

    stainless valves vs. titanium

    I just talked to Tom Morgan and he told me to use the stock valves, and just to have the seats re-cut because thats what causes the crf valve failure/quick wear. But if you need or want new valves, I heard the pro-circuit titanium valves are 8-10x stronger than stock. But then again they are about 350 a pair. Good luck with your choice and keep us posted.
  11. Arec100

    Head work

    no one has sent there head out?
  12. Arec100

    Head work

    Has anyone sent there head out to Tom Morgan or Pro circuit for work? and if so... has that resolved some of your valve problems?
  13. Arec100

    oil usage

    thanks for the input. About how much oil use is usual? Say if you start right at the fill line. how much does it go down by the time you're ready to change the oil?
  14. Arec100

    oil usage

    Alright. I have a few questions. I purchased an 05 CRF450R and it looked emaculate. The previous owner seemed to know what he was talking about and took meticulous care of it. He told me that the top end is fresh and the shop he took it to checked the valves. And at the time of purchase it had about an hour on the top end... so it should be broken in. alright, now the questions. 1. I changed the oil as soon as I got the bike, along with the oil filter. but I've noticed after about 4 days of rideing that the oil has gone down a bit? is this usual? 2. How often should the valves be checked?, you guys on this forum have scared the crap out of me with all this talk. I've become ultra paranoid. 3. How do you know when the valve clearance is off other than checking them? 4. will you be able to feel the problems? because the bike runs tits! It's a monster. starts on the first or second kick, starts hot no problem. I'm just afraid the bike is going to detonate between my legs. lol. I just hope that buying the fourstroke wasn't a mistake. Thanks for listening to my rant and helping. Eric
  15. Arec100

    Best boots

    Do the people who have tech 10's all have white ones? do they let a lot of water in? I heard some bad things about the venting system.