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  1. oldridr

    Some "bar" advice

    another vote for Flexxbars, combined w/ BRP submount and Scotts...
  2. oldridr

    New TE450...tall!

    Did the same mods initially, then put forks at 2nd line after breakin. It will change after being well broken in. At 5" 10" and the same side of 60 as you, and with knee replacements I still have some trouble getting a leg over (off)which has caused a drop from time to time during sloppy dismount. You will get used to it, and the ground clearance in rocky areas is a real plus.
  3. oldridr

    most vented pants

    Saharas are a great hot weather pant.
  4. oldridr

    too hot 450

    Yesterday same trail, same ambient temp, same riding style--no overheating. What was different: 1. Uptite Y 2. replaced overflow reservoir cap 3.oil change. Started out with multiple pauses to look for signs of overheating, found none and then let the 450 rip for 1 1/2 hours.
  5. me too...and I even thought I was the only one hauling a Husky in a honda:applause:
  6. oldridr

    too hot 450

    Stopped by Moto Forza yesterday and those guys think the overflow reservoir cap was not functioning properly...they had one at the shop and I hope to get out tomorrow to try on same trail. George's Y is now installed so that's an added variable that muddles the troubleshooting, but hopefully makes the whole system work more efficiently. Lets hope there's another 1000 trouble free miles in store.
  7. Oriflamme today mid 90's. Hope to make it Sun
  8. oldridr

    too hot 450

    Overheating problem with my ’06 TE 450 today after over a thousand trouble-free miles mostly low desert and some mtn and foothill trails, all dirt. After stopping at a switchback to admire the view near the top of Oriflamme Canyon, I noticed an unusual sound. Took helmet off and dismounted to see and hear steam issuing from the cap of the overflow bottle, and bubbling (boiling) sounds. This was after about 6 miles of rutted, rocky uphill all in 1st or 2nd gear. Let it cool down and carefully coaxed it back down to the truck, mostly coasting and at a higher rate of speed. No steam or noise on immediate return but heard some more bubbling after it sat for a few minutes with no air-flow. Most of my miles are fairly fast desert rides with few extended periods in lower gears, but have made several long trail rides and and a couple of hundred milers. Back home and checked overflow bottle and it’s empty, cooling fluid level in radiator (not surprisingly) below visible level, even when shaking side to side. Used to be very diligent about pre-ride checks but since nothing ever showed up, have gotten out of the habit lately. Maybe coolant level low, too much low-speed climbing in air-temp mid 90s, reduced air flow after addition of IMS 3.5 gal tank, extra workload w/ another gallon of fuel and addition of fender bag w/ 3 lbs of tire tools, tube etc. Don’t know what pushed it over the edge… And to top it off, after reading many past threads about other hot Huskies I ordered and received an Uptite Y from George last week but hadn’t installed yet. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/banghead.gif Hope to get it sorted out so I can ride Sat and then join the Demo Day Sun. Comments ? -oldridr
  9. oldridr


    a couple squeezes of lemon or lime juice will also get rid of the plastic taste
  10. oldridr

    Paster City to Blu Inn and back

    Another fun ride in that area (with a plated bike) is Canyon Sin Nombre (from S-2) through Diablo Drop-off, Fish Creek, Split Mtn, Blu-Inn, Plaster City, Ocotillo, back to CSN to complete the loop. From PC to the Blu-Inn the BLM trail signs can usually be followed as shown on the map by Soylent Green.
  11. oldridr

    air box screen

    After riding yesterday noticed blue oil dripping from air box.Decided I probably hadn't wrung enough oil out of the foam element after cleaning. Today when I pulled filter to check I noticed the screen didn't seem to be sitting on air box in regular fashion. It has always been flat in the past, no wrinkles or warp etc. As you can see below, http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e189/wrlowell/DSC01145.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e189/wrlowell/DSC01146.jpg it now appears warped when viewed from the edge. Wha happened? Tightened too much, filter not seated properly, or ?????... Do I need to replace screen or will it flatten out again? Air box nice and clean so filter didn't leak even after 92 miles of Ocotillo dust. Any thoughts... oldridr
  12. Aluminum bar-ends fit the stock bars on my '06 TE450 without any drilling.
  13. oldridr

    Best in the Desert/ Vegas to Reno #1

    Pass along an "atta girl" to Jen. Its great to hear she is riding again. Bill
  14. oldridr

    Cell Phone Reception in So. Cal. Deserts

    Cannot get coverage w/ Verizon around Ocotillo Wells, Ocotillo, Split Mtn etc.