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  1. what makes you think i'm stupid?what makes you think i'm mad?why should i assume you're not stupid?i'm always curtious to bike riders on the trails,letting them pass when they come up to me and bikers are always curtious to me.i guess here in the south were just all rednecks and not just the quad riders.
  2. nope,we don't litter.we always carry our empties back to the trash. when you guys get a little older you'll appreciate the laid back fun of riding a utility can do some fast stuff and hard climbs and off camber terrain...then stop for a beer break....then do some sight seeing.sounds like fun huh?
  3. redneck....sure why not.fat....close.senior way.
  4. you're right.enjoy life if you need adrenaline rush,bike.if you want to enjoy yourself,'s all good.
  5. sell your bike,get a utility atv,a cooler for the back and hit the'll never regret it!!
  6. i got one at wal-mart for 10 off a cig lighter.pack it in the back of my quad...its a lifesaver and probably all you need.
  7. you guys are hilarious.quads are alot of fun,as far as that goes so is drinking beer.