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  1. I love mine. It's my first bike also. I find that it has plenty of power and I'm 6' 1" and 210 pounds. I have no problem with the tranny. It's never popped out of gear and I've ridden about every other day since I got it for Christmas. It always starts on the first push of the button. I find first gear is geared very low. I rarely use it. It seems really quick off the line when starting out in second. All in all, in my novice opinion, it's a great bike.
  2. Great video. Love the bike!
  3. That's a good price. Mine is an 06 and I haven't had any problems with the tranny at all. I've been on it almost every day since Christmas.
  4. I would think that Yamaha would have used their new frame in a concept bike. Didn't Yamaha change the YZ's to aluminum frames in '05?
  5. That's funny. Those kids are going to need sleep therapy when they get older.
  6. They may have been made both with a key and without. My 06 TTR230 has a button with a red light beneath it that you have to push instead of a key.
  7. I've been lurking here for a few days and just wanted to say hello. This is a great site. After wishing for a bike for more than 30 years my wife bought me an '06 TTR 230 for Christmas. This is the first bike that I have ever owned or ridden. I'm taking a few more days off of work to ride more. This has been more fun than I could have imagined.