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  1. john7f

    I was a mud wimp. Have you ever been?

    I'll admit it,,,, I've been scared to try it. I'm new to offroading and my stock DR650 has racing slicks. But as soon as I get some new MT21's I'm gonna try some mud. Can't hardly wait to get dirty in the nasty stuff. But for now, I just slip and slid all over the place.
  2. john7f

    DR Engine Stall

    Have you driven this particular bike before doing the repairs? If so, how well did it run before the repairs? What repairs did you do? The repairs may or may not have anything to do with the current problem. An engine needs three things to run properly: 1. Air. make sure all hoses, airbox covers, non-fuel carb connections are fitted correctly. Make sure the air filter is clean put a little oil on it and squeeze out as much as you can so that only residue appears to remain. I once removed the airbox cover without doing any work to the carb or exhaust and the exhaust sound was a lot deeper and gave me the same symptoms. 2. Fuel. You've done what you could with the fuel mixture screw. If you had too much fuel the plugs would foul with dark carbon or would be wet and flood the cylinder. Also, you may be able to smell too much fuel during idle. Too little fuel will act the same way as too much air and will turn the spark plugs white. You may be getting enough fuel to idle, but when in gear and under load the engine may be starved for fuel. Check the fuel filter on the petcock (fuel valve on the gas tank), you will have to remove the entire vlave to do this. 3. Electricity (spark) Since the engine starts and runs then you have this. But make sure that the plugs are not fouled and have the proper gap. Hope this helps.
  3. john7f


    Riding on the dirt will make you a better street rider. "TOO" much power is a matter of having enough dicipline not to abuse it or get stupid with it. If you have good experience on a dirt bike then why start small with a cruiser? Honda Shadow 1100 is my fav.... The valves are self adjusting, so there's no 600 mile adjustment to be made. You will never have a problem getting into, keeping up or passing any other traffic. It has a nice tone with aftermarket slip on pipes. Rides great. Looks good (like a Harley Dyna Wide Glide). And is very reliable.
  4. john7f

    picking out a new toy

    On the 650 (stock) I got about 36 mpg before hitting the reserve. 3.4 gallons total/120 miles to reserve. I haven't checked the milege since the jet kit.
  5. john7f

    I don't buy it

    Just as another show of Jesse's character....... I haven't seen any post in this thread from Jesse. He not only doesn't NEED to defend himself (because his customers do it for him), but he has the maturity and sense enough not to get involved in such a silly thread. He should be proud of having made such a reputation for himself and his business to be defended so well. PS. Jesse, Please don't post in this thread...... I'll look like an ass. LOL
  6. john7f

    I don't buy it

  7. john7f

    picking out a new toy

    I have an '05 Suzuki DR650. I absolutley love it!!! It has lots of power to get out in traffic or to pass at highway speeds. Lots of fun off road, climbs hills well. And easy to mod for more power/torque. Though if you are going to ride more than the proposed 12 miles.......then you will need toughen up your rear end, the seat sucks for long pavement rides. It's a dirt bike made for the street. If you want a street bike made for the dirt then a Kaw KTM650 would be a good choice.
  8. john7f

    My toy Hauler.

    WOW!!!!! How'd you get that tractor in you truck????
  9. you could find a simple toggle switch, two connections, with an amperage rating at least equal to the load of the headlight fuse (my DR650 uses a 10Amp fuse). cut the negetive wire to the headlight and place the switch to both sides of the wire. WAALAA!! a CHEAP solution. You'd have to be a little more creative to kill the tail light too, but I think it's a good idea to have a "brake" light when riding with others. One more thing to note.... I have two headlight fuses. One for hi, one for low. This means that there are probably two hot wires for the light and one negetive. Therefore, make sure to use the negetive wire for the switch, this would disable both hi and low.
  10. john7f

    14 Tooth Front Sprocket

    I had the same sprocket on my DR for about 200 miles and have not noted any trouble at all with the freeplay.
  11. john7f

    DR650 oil cooled?

    The DR650 pdf manual at http://www.deakin.edu.au/~mic/DR650.pdf shows the cooling system on pages 110-111 (section-page 4-16, 4-17)
  12. I checked the forums at the speed channel and their boards are full of complaints about the excessive Barrett Jackson auction shows. I agree that their coverage of auctions is EXCESSIVE. Yeah, they have some nice cars.... but.... 1) I can't afford them 2) They don't show the cars on a track or in a race 3) I really don't give a crap about some boring auction for 2 hours at a time. I could get enough of it with a 15 minute show.
  13. john7f

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    From what Jesse says, drilling out the stock muffler will negate the spark arrestors. Which will carry a heavy fine if caught by a forest ranger or game warden. Not to mention the possible risk to starting a fire..... (even though I've heard that spark arrestors were primarily intended for 2smoke engines).
  14. john7f

    DR650SE Skid plate

    Mudshark, this link will show you the stock dr650 skid plate on the Suzukicycles.com web site. http://www.suzukicycles.com/Accessories/detail.aspx?modelId=f1a2f5c4-de1a-41e7-8dd6-dabcc53f2938&accessoryCategoryId=a4cf57c5-8016-499c-bec7-c7595610d3e4&accessoryId=4ed7f263-ed73-4c7c-9431-e4d708b6acc2 If the link doesn't work. Goto www.suzukicycles.com goto the "motorcycle" tab on the main page, go through each menu until you get to the DR650 and choose it. Then click on the tab for the correct year (2004-2006), in the next screen of the same area choose "DR650SE ACCESSORIES". Then click on "bolt on items" this will show you the stock skid plate. John '05 DR650 160M Airbox cover removed 14t front sprocket
  15. john7f

    Capacitor install help

    On a typical capacitor, the banded "silver" end would be the positive end.