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  1. i haven't been on here in ages , so i was looking and it seems as though the pit bike rage is over on thumper talk . it's big on other fourms still but so who's building ? racing ? on here ?. i just built a full mod mid sized bike , an SSR/CRF70 with honda TB117 power , motor came from my last build a full mod crf50 with a zoke ft end,117 motor,+5 sik50's swinger,billetware frame and lots more a very fast bike for sure but i just could not get in tune with it after riding klx110's for a while and big bikes too. so anyone building ? if so what ? full mods ? stock mods for vegas 2011 ? post them up . and ask if your looking for some quality parts i've got tons left over lol. ok hit the keys..
  2. cheap copy using kitacos name and rep
  3. nice looking bikes
  4. good list there
  5. now we're talkin' this is a sik bike for the money. watch out other guys with the $3,500 inports
  6. about 400 dollars lol.
  7. nice , it will be interesting to see what swinger comes on the ready for customer medina bikes. looks sik though but so doe's the lxr
  8. this could be a big year for pibike racing and here's one of the teams that will help make it big.
  9. reed looked smoking fast , stewart always looks just like he on the verge of riding over his head and last night it showed AGAIN.i think stewart will be a thing of the past by next yr , too many others have stepped up.
  10. nice. that should help out a few folks on here right away.
  11. complete ft end (wheel/brakes/forks) you'll need pax racing triple clamps or brp triple clamps. rear wheel / brakes you'll need a siktendcies racing billet apdtr kit. all plastic . seat. foot pegs. then sell the rest to the minicrosser crowd
  12. the kitaco se head with a properly jetted 28mm "D" slide carb will rip. a ran a 28mm on a stroked kitaco 143 se with a big bore pipe and it was sik fast and pulled hard through out all gears. in some conditions it may have been faster then my other 110 which has a takegawa 138+r stroker with 26mm carb and fmf 4.1 ti pipe.
  13. with the market the way it is and no one is getting anything for a used mod mini check out craings lists you ccould score a trick mini thats race ready for under 2k
  14. bump.