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  1. Rm250_Rider

    2002 rm250 best pipe/spark arrestor

    i got an 02 rm250 with a Pro Circuit pipe and a turbinecore2 silencer. Its better than stock everywhere but it is more noticerable from mid to top, but the bottom was also improved a lil bit. Hope that helps.
  2. Rm250_Rider

    Coolest riding pic you've ever taken.

    yup, like 3 years ago.
  3. Rm250_Rider

    STMV - Foresthill Loop 2 Trail work report, 12/8/07

    how are the conditions, any snow up there?
  4. Rm250_Rider

    toughest trails in nor cal

    Now go and do it the hard way @ night with no lights during winter
  5. Rm250_Rider

    NEW 2005 RM125 for $2800. Should I?

    uhm...Amen Can I get 5 bucks?
  6. Rm250_Rider

    SHOW me your RM!!!

    my 02 Rm250:ride:
  7. Rm250_Rider

    clutch install

    http://partsfinder.ridenow.com/ http://partsfinder.ridenow.com/fiche_section_detail.asp
  8. Rm250_Rider

    Rm250 serious clutch problem

    Something similar happened to me on my 02 rm250 when I installed a new clutch basket. I could let out the clutch completely in gear and it wouldn't move an inch and adjusting the cable wouldn't help. It turn out to be a washer that goes between the basket and the hub. I accidentally placed it somewhere else when I installed the basket. After putting it back where it belongs, the clutch worked without a problem. Right now I'm runnig a Vortex basket and a Tusk clutch kit. No problems yet. Hope that helps.
  9. Rm250_Rider

    Any Woods Video's Or Pics???

    No, the lattace is there to conserve the trail I think. It's only at the beggining and the end of the water crossing. There's no lattace in the water. And it looks lime mud from passing through several times, but it's actually crystal-clear.
  10. Rm250_Rider

    Oil Question