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    my beloved wr400

    Yeah, been through that. I had some glop in my fuel tank,pet-cock screen, and then finally it worked into my carb. I removed the pet-cock screen and put in an inline fuel filter (easy to monitor and change) and just cut the screens off the pet-cock altogether. Also thoroughly cleaned carb, incl. AP. I had what sound like identical symptoms to yours and these steps really cleared them up. Still feel like the carb is a work-in-progress, but she runs pretty well now.
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    Right on SC, hope you still got time to help a bro get his old WR400 in shape!
  3. potus7640

    Carb just dumping gas out??? Help

    Steve, I just made the same exact mod on the same exact bike and have the same exact problem, will be watching this thread closely for advice and results. I'll try the same fixes suggested to you and we'll see what happens.