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  1. Arnold Padilla

    xr 400

    can anyone tell me why a xr400 can run great,lots of power for my riding skills, but a really p.o.s to start. I am really considering ghost riding off a cliff and buying something that starts easy.
  2. Arnold Padilla

    Changing my stock bars

    Thanks a bunch you guy's are a big help.
  3. Arnold Padilla

    Changing my stock bars

    Thanks for the info. I'm accually going to buy the combo kit from scott with damper for my XR, and it includes a new upperclamp. But i did'nt want to have to buy new perchs. thottle, and so on. Thanks agian Arnold
  4. Arnold Padilla

    Changing my stock bars

    Could anyone please tell me if i need to change my perchs,thottle, etc if i upgrade to 1-1/8 bars. Mine are only 7/8"