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  1. ridesblue1

    1990 CR500 Rebuild With 2001 Pastics

    looks awesome i had a 99 cr5 and put a late model cr rear guard. looked pretty good
  2. ridesblue1

    Shortened Silencer

    shorter the silencer the more aggressive the powerband..my 2c worth, i a point i guess, im sure a baked bean can sized one wouldn give you a neck breaking band lol
  3. ridesblue1

    Best break in method

    i agree with motox178 thats what a mechanic told me a long time ago
  4. ridesblue1

    250 big bore q

    awesome thanks david l6..
  5. ridesblue1

    250 big bore q

    i am planning on doing the top end soon on my 01 250 and was wondering to go to something like 265 does it require a re sleeve or just bore it..thanks guys
  6. ridesblue1

    What mixture should I run? (02 cr280r)

    i use 40:1 with all bikes i owned..would love a ride report
  7. ridesblue1

    1993 CR250 McGrath replica build

    good job:ride: whats next??
  8. ridesblue1

    If you could have 5 dirt bikes...

    2010 sh kx500af honda trx quad with cr500mtr rm250 rc replica rmz450x crf250 w 300b/bore kit
  9. ridesblue1

    Help me and my old 250

    looks cool and would provide many hours of fun in the man cave(garage)
  10. ridesblue1

    hard to start 100

    hi everyone. just picked up a mint xr100 "88" had rebuild 4mnths ago and hard to fire when cold but runs like a champ and starts well once running, i think maybe faultly choke but any advice appreciated.
  11. ridesblue1

    missing problem

    thankyou desertrider15 was indeed loose ground
  12. ridesblue1

    missing problem

    thanks every one i will try track down the ground wire and pink wire and check them
  13. ridesblue1

    missing problem

    hi all i just got i 05 crf450x and soon as i got it i took it to my local bike and got valves checked it all good. went for first ride and i find it misses at just over 3/4 throttle, i will drain gas and put new air filter in but other than that? any help appreciated
  14. ridesblue1

    kx5 engine q

    hi i have a kx250 and would like to put a 500 in it, a engine has come up but it is 86/87..are they still good motors or would i be better off waiting for some thing else thanks for any input
  15. ridesblue1

    kx clutch question

    thaks alot i appreciate the replys,i try the atf then if that fails pull the basket out for a lookesy