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  1. dnelson

    Burned I Need Help!

    My Buddy Told Me That The Off Idle Bog Means It Was To Lean On The Pilot.but What Does He Know I'll Listen To You Since Your The Guru.so You Think Putting The 42 Will Cure My Problem? What About The Twin Air, And The Increased Air Flow From The Lack Of Screen? I Came Off A 04 Crf 450 That I Never Touched And It Ran Great.
  2. I Live In Cilifornia 30 Miles North Of San Francisco. I Have A 05 Rmz 450. Stock It Ran Ok, But It Was A Little Slow Reving Off Idle. I Put A Quick Shot On It, Removed The Back Fire Screen And Added A Twin Air Filter. I Put A 45 Pilot From A 42 (stock) As Per Boysen And I Have A Off Idle Bog That I Can't Tune Out With The Fuel Srcew. I Read Your Post On Pilots. Closing The Screw Down Has Little Effect On The Idle Opening It Out Past Two And A Half Helps A Little But Not Much. Roll On Is Ok But When I Gun It Out Of Corners Or Off Jump Faces/landings It Falls On It's Face, Witch Scares The Crap Out Of Me. I Could Sure Use Your Help! Thanks Dan.
  3. dnelson

    05 Rmz 450 Off Idle Bog

    First I Put In The Fuel Screw And It Tuned Well. It Still Was Not As Responsive Off Jumps As I Wanted,(slight Hesitation). Then Did The Other Two, Now It's Worst. I Think I'm Lean From The Lack Of Screen And Increased Air Flow.
  4. I Live In California 40 Miles North Of San Francisco.i Just Put On A Quick Shot, And Got Rid Of My Back Fire Screen. I Have A Works Connection Fuel Screw. I Put A 45 Pilot In (as Per Boysen ). I Can Not Get Rid Of The Bog Off Idle. 2 And A Half Out And Still Boggin. Please Help. Thanks!
  5. dnelson

    Do's and dont's for a 05 rmz 450

    Thanks Bigred For The Much Needed Info! If Anything Else Comes To Mind, Fire Away.
  6. dnelson

    Do's and dont's for a 05 rmz 450

    I had a CHM on my Honda that worked very well.Has anyone ran one of these? What about a quick shot? I have read the mags with mixed reveiws on to much bottom/not enough? Not enough overrev. Whats the real thruth?
  7. dnelson

    Do's and dont's for a 05 rmz 450

    Im fresh off a honda and have not even rode this thing yet. I have heard some things really bring the zook to life, however i do not know what they are. Like gearing,jetting,sag,pipes,ect. Any thing to get this baby race ready within a week would sure be helpful. Thank You
  8. dnelson

    05 RMZ450 Exhaust Wanted

    Aftermarket, what kind is it and how much? Thanks.
  9. dnelson

    05 RMZ450 Exhaust Wanted

    Does any body have any pics of their 450 with a pipe on it? Im looking for a system for my bike. Does any one have one they would be willing to part with?Thanks.