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  1. tookadigger

    4th and 5th gear noise

    Was thinking of using Rotella, read on TT where several people run it. I use it in all my other motors and it's a lot cheaper than the Honda oil. So I assume 4th and 5th don't get enough oil with recommended level correct? It won't hurt to have too much correct? It can't blow a seal as the vent is open to the world so no concern about pressure. I'll split the difference and put 900 cc. Thanks guys, glad I can ride a while longer without breaking it apart.
  2. tookadigger

    4th and 5th gear noise

    Need some opinions on an issue with my 04 450. I recently started riding fire roads(getting too old to keep up with the folks on the track) where I now get into 4th and 5th gear at full throttle. I’ve noticed the tranny gets really loud, not like a squeal more like the gears aren’t messing properly. I don’t hear the noise in 1-3rd. No metal seen in the oil, I even magnetized the drain plug. I run ¾ of a quart of Honda HP oil in the tranny and change it every 2-3 rides. Thought because I very seldom get in those gears on the track they just needed to wear in. After 10 rides it still sounds the same, doesn’t seem to be getting worse either. If I put it up on a stand the noise is no where near as loud, guess because there is no load on the tranny?? If I take the chain off, no noise at all. I replace the chain and sprockets thinking the chain was wore out, no difference. thought maybe I was running the chain too tight, put more slack in it, then it started chewing up the plastic between the rear tire and the rear shock. Also noticed it had taken a few bites out of the case saver and the inside of the frame. The noise didn't seem as loud with the loose chain. I've tried several different tension setting with little change. The counter shaft doesn’t seem to have excessive play in it, compared to a friends bike they are about the same. Guess riding season might end early this year and I'll take the engine apart. Any ideas??
  3. tookadigger

    125 spewing black oil

    Wanted to thank everyone who posted and give an update just in case someone else runs into this issue. Rejetted as most everyone suggested, that seemed to help some, made the bike run better for sure. The plug was still black after 30 minutes of riding and we dropped 3 jet sizes, installing a new plug with each jet. We took a break from riding, normally we turn the gas off when we stop riding, didn't happen this time. After about 5 minutes of sitting, noticed gas running out the overflow tube on the carb. Took the bowl off the carb, held the needle valve shut, gas still seeping. Found the o-ring on the shaft(don't know the proper term) that the needle valve sits in, had a chunk out of it. We replaced the o-ring and needle valve, reset the float and no more black gunk spewing. Went back up two jet sizes, plug has a light brown tint. I think we are good to go. Thanks again!
  4. tookadigger

    125 spewing black oil

    Thanks for the replys, much appreciated. Been a while since I had a 2 stroke, forgot how they like rejetting. I'll give that a try. We moved from Colorado to Texas, so jetting makes sense. I did try moving the clip on the needle but I'm sure that's not enough. We put all new parts in the top end. Plug is a B9EG. Thanks again!
  5. tookadigger

    125 spewing black oil

    My son just bought an 01 yz125 that wasn't running. He gave about half of what it was worth. We figured it needed a top end job and some carb work. We installed a new jug(old one had some scratches in it), top end, new tranny oil and cleaned the carb. It fired up on the 3rd kick and after some adjustments, he was off and riding. I mixed the gas a little rich (28:1) for the first tank. Noticed some really nasty black oil coming out the exhaust. Didn't notice this substance on the bike when we bought it. Figured it was just the rich mixture and the oil I used to lube the cylinder when we installed the new parts. Have run 1 tank of 32:1 gas through it, still getting the black oil out the exhaust. We pulled everything back apart, thinking we didn't get everything together properly. Everything looks good. The thing runs great, just that black gunk gets on everything and is really hard to get off. Any ideas/suggestions what to look at next?