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  1. Oregon

    I thought the conversation last night was hilarious! I was kidding of course when I mentioned being offended. Do we need black armbands or something for Orooster?
  2. Oregon

    I ride a yz250. Hope thats ok, I see alot of big bikes in the pictures. I have only been to dmill 2 times in 10 years, so I have to do a little map reading at times. I have one buddy that rides, so we are both at the mercy of the other to go ride, plus I have three old daughters and he has a brand new one.
  3. Oregon

    If you guys go to diamond mill next weekend and don't mind a tag-along, I would love to go.
  4. Hey guys, wondering if anyone had updates on the coast range riding? Probably still alot of snow out there. Does anyone know if upper nestucca area would be any better? Thanks, Steve