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  1. fl_bill

    ttr125 broken carb

    hey check u pm's
  2. fl_bill

    ttr125 broken carb

    hope one of you can help my wife's top cap (aka top mixing chamber) broke off her 2000 ttr125 carb, dealer says he cant order that part seperate it only comes with the entire carb. i have checked the oem parts lists and cant seem to locate a part number either. i would rather not spend $250 just to replace a $10 part. so if anyone has one laying around or know of a yard that might have one i would really appreciate it.
  3. fl_bill

    ttr225 stalling

    thanks for the thoughts guys , i must have missed something the first few times cleaning the carb cleaned her out once more and it seemed to have solved my problem
  4. fl_bill

    ttr225 stalling

    please help, i have an 02 ttr225 and never had a lick of problems till i garaged it for a year now the damn thing wont run unless the choke is on and when it is she heats up extremely fast, i get a bright red glowing pipe in under 4 minutes. I have cleaned the carb replaced plug & air filter with no luck of fixing the problem. I have seen a few threads with similar problems and suggestions for the fix (tried em all i think) but no one seems to reply saying they fixed it and what they had to do any advice is appreciated, thanks