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  1. I got my 2002 KTM 400 EXC plated last year in califonia. I started down the specially constructed vehicle path but got redirected b the DMV to get a brake and lamp inspection. Once I had that they asked if I wanted to dual register with a green sticker and a plate but it would cost more so I just got the plate.
  2. Have a 2002 EXC-G and the bike jumps when you put it in gear with the clutch pulled in. Given the hydraulic clutch isn't adjustable, I assume I need a new clutch. I've seen the DP kits for $170 and the Z clutch for $450. I do a lot of trail riding and do feather the clutch a lot as it is geared a bit tall. Is the DP the best bet or are there other options? In the future, should I gear it down some so that I don't have to feather the clutch as much?