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  1. djinfrared

    Does anybody commute on a DRZ 400?

    i commute 40miles a day to work on my drz never had a problem..i'm not an old **** like the last person im 20 and find the drz a excellent commuter. I use it on the motorway aswell
  2. djinfrared

    Pro Circuit Exhaust System?

    i like the look of the REMUS pipe it sounds good aswell and comes with a insert
  3. djinfrared

    Suzuki DRZ Vs Yamaha TTR600

    No I Am The Guy That Gave A Carb Away Free.so Maybe All You Geeks Who Sit On Here Allday Should Remember That
  4. djinfrared

    Suzuki DRZ Vs Yamaha TTR600

    whats the most expensive bronco? and anyway the TTR would eat up a DRZ
  5. djinfrared

    Suzuki DRZ Vs Yamaha TTR600

    yes a yamaha TTR 600
  6. djinfrared

    Suzuki DRZ Vs Yamaha TTR600

  7. djinfrared

    2003 drz400s feels like its tipping to the right

    its only felt like this since i put the renthals on..i might just put the stocks back on
  8. My bike has been feeling a bit wierd latley,it feels like it is constanly tipping to the right hand side and it feels realy light on this side.i find when i let go of the bars it likes to shake a little and drift to the right...the left side feels heavy......forks are not bent. Head bearings are new,and i have put renthals on the bike...any clues??
  9. djinfrared

    Drz headstock bearings

    would the handle bars make it go like that if they were lighter? my dealer told me it would be around 150quid to replace my bearings.i dont think its them because i cant really feel any movement
  10. djinfrared

    Drz headstock bearings

    Hello All, I have recently changed my stock bars to a set of renthals, I now find when i am riding along the bike fells like it wont set dead straight it feels like it is tipping to one side.is it just me? how wouldf i no if my headstock bearings were gone?
  11. I wanna see who's DRZ has the highest milage,and what that have needed to do to it.ie valves,cam chain that sort of thing...Mine has done 9500 and i have yet to do anything to it EVER
  12. djinfrared

    Drz steering/wobbly

    i have checked all that it looks all good to me. I have had the bike from new and never crashed it. What about the steering head bolt?
  13. djinfrared

    Drz steering/wobbly

    Hello All, I have a DRZ400 SK3 I changed my handle bars recently for a set of renthals, I notice that if i take my hands of the bars the bike dritfs slightly to the left and doesnt just run in a straight line. Are all drz'z like this? or do i need to tighten somthing up? or is it just the way i am sitting on it i dont no any ideas? Help is greatfully recieved
  14. djinfrared

    Drz Choke (help needed)

    Anyone know why my choke could be over reving when it is fully on and the bike gets red hot?? Its not making any attempt to start stalling with the choke on when it gets hot. Its fine if i push it in once its hot...But when the bikes running and i pull the choke half out the bike revs up louder?? does this sound right to you???
  15. djinfrared

    Drz CARB.Free if you pay postage

    burned,is there a way of taking the choke slide out and cleaning it?