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  1. wowens

    Safe place to park a truck while @ Mike's sky Ranch?

    Thanks Karen, that's good to know. I spoke to Mike about it and he sounded fine. Windsor
  2. wowens

    October, to La Paz--Lets GO!

    Hi Mike, I'm going to be riding in baja from 10/10-10/14, probably up in the northern part. Trying to co-ordinate a schedule with a couple of buddies. If you guys are going to be in norhthern baja during that time, I'm in! Drop me a line with details- Windsor
  3. wowens

    Safe place to park a truck while @ Mike's sky Ranch?

    Thanks for the reccomendations on San Nicolas in Ensenada as well as the idea of coming in thru Tecate and parking at Rancho Santa Veronica-hadn't thought about that. Not sure which route we'll end up doing at this point. Right now I'm still trying to pin down who's in and who's not-sometimes planning an event is like trying to herd cats! Windsor baja bound....
  4. Hi All, I'm new to the forum (well, OK, I've been lurking for a while!) And I'm planning my first, baby adventure ride. A friend and I want to truck our dirt bikes down to Ensanada, park & lock the trucks and then spend 3 days or so riding around baja, staying at Mike's sky Ranch. Can anyone reccomend a good safe place to park our trucks in ensanada or nearby and know that they will be as we left them when we return a few days later? TIA, Windsor