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  1. Well, I did a little searching and think I found my answer. Literally my answer. I asked the question back in '07. Must be getting old. Looks like it will work. Finally getting around to making the swap.
  2. Currently the bike has 4.60x17 on the rear and 3.00x21 on the front. My question is can I put a Kenda TrackMaster II that is 130/90 on the rear and a Pirelli MT21 80/90 on the front? Thanks!
  3. Any idea what those sizes would be in the metric world? Would the rear be a 130/90-17??? Thanks
  4. So what is the conclusion? What wil fit on a KLR (90) 250 with the 760 Trackmaster II on the rear and the Pirelli MT21 on the front? I Have the stock sizes now but would like to upgrade to the tires above and a little wider on the rear? Anyone?
  5. My '90 KLR 250 would intermittently die for no apparant reason earlier this year. Got to the point where it would not re-start. I was hoping it wasn't the CDI box. I chased the wires all over that thing. Turned out a factory splice had broken a the down tube area. It was the wire that comes off the mag and feed the CDI box. Soldered and heat shrink tubing fixed it better than new. At least that's where my problem was.
  6. Anyone have a good test for the cdi? It puts out a pulse to trigger the coil but not sure if it is correct. My meter captures a 2v pulse that won't fire the coil then I got a 4v pulse that did. Dealer was zero help and said there wasn't anyway to test a cdi box. BS. I run MSD ignition in my boat and jeep. They are CDI boxes and easy to test. Anyone have an idea? Thanks, Craig
  7. So I just get to work this morning and my bike just dies. It has died before at stop lights but always refired. I have eliminated the kickstand interlock already. It is ignition related. Of coarse my service manual is at home so I have no prints to start chasing it down. Any ideas??? Thanks Craig
  8. Took mine off too. You connect the wires to make it run. I recently started to have another problem now. This morning when I was ready to go, it wasn't. It was idleing fine and just died. Did it a couple times. Before I left the house. Once at a stop light too. Sure seems like ignition. Must have a broken wire somewhere.
  9. Dumb question, but where do you find a plug wrench that will fit on a KLR 250? I have not had any luck finding somthing thin-walled enough to fit in the recess. Thanks
  10. I have the ARC jacket and pants. Haven't been in rain with it yet but it sure works well in the cool weather. Put a sweatshirt on under it and it will be real warm. I bought the pants large enough so I can wear them over my jeans. Seems to work well.
  11. Any recomendations???? TIA
  12. Ok. That leaves FMF. Any other choices?
  13. Anyone used one of these on a KLR 250? Big Gun If so did you need to re-jet? Not looking for huge power increases. My stock exhaust is on its way out and for the money I can step up to something lighter that won't rot out. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. After reading this thread I think it is important to remember to always wear your helmet!
  15. My KLR is weeping coolant out the small hole by the drain in the pump. Is that just a void between the crankcase and water pump to let me know a seal is letting go? There is no coolant in the crankcase oil. It appears to be similar to the weep hole on an automotive type pump. Thanks