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  1. 91XR100R

    92 XR100R Cylinder head trashed

    anyone have a good used head that'll fit my XR? Or a spare old engine for parts that they would part with?
  2. 91XR100R

    80 or 100??

    i'd say the 100, my little brother is 5'1 and is around 85 pounds and rides the crap out of his 100.
  3. My '92 XR100R has been smoking for quite awhile now and burning quite a bit of oil so i decided it's time for a rebuild since it's in the cold months of the year now. When I pulled the head I noticed little pieces of metal lying around and began to worry, after pulling the cam out, I saw what the prob was. The cam ...bearings?? in the head are shot and as far as I know there's no way of fixing it. Is there anyone that has a spare head that would fit or an old XR100 engine lying around that they would sell for parts? I'm in need of some stuff so I can get it back up and running again for the warm days this fall and winter. If anyone has anything please reply in the thread or send me a PM. Thank you, Brian
  4. 91XR100R

    Honda need help quick

    I picked up a 2001 Honda Foreman(i believe) 450 today. It's been sitting for about a year and a half because the owner passed away and it was left sitting outside with no spark plug in it and won't crank or pull so it's locked up from rust im assuming. Any tips on what to do to get this thing active again? It looks brand new so i don't mind putting a little money into it.
  5. 91XR100R

    91 or 92 XR100?

    Then it's a '92. It doesn't have points. But, now I have another problem, I ordered a cam sprocket, cam chain, intake and exhaust valves, .50 over piston and rings, and a clutch set for a '91. Will all of this stuff still work on the '92 or am I in trouble? lol
  6. 91XR100R

    91 or 92 XR100?

    I have...what I thought was a 1991 XR100R but today during disassembly I looked at the sticker and it said it was manufactured October of 91...wouldn't that make it a '92?
  7. 91XR100R

    Yamaha 2001 Raptor

    I just purchased a 2001 Raptor, jetted, K&N filter, all kinds of goodies and the tranny has just been rebuilt(they did it for free when I bought it) for $2100. I know the 2001's had a lot of transmission problems but since this has been rebuilt do you think i'll have any problems out of it if i use the clutch to shift and take care of it?
  8. 91XR100R

    Cam Chain

    What are some good places to purchase a cam chain and cam sprocket for a 91 XR100? Also, what other models have the same size cam chain? http://www.bikebandit.com has an aftermarket chain but they only have it for 81-85 I believe.
  9. 91XR100R

    Honda XR100R Cam Chain Replacment

    it helped, thanks a lot.
  10. How do you go about replacing the cam chain? I have a 1991 Honda XR100R and the chain broke awhile back bending the exhaust valve and tearing up the cam sprocket. I have replaced the valve and sprocket but need to know how to get the new chain on. Thank You, Brian