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  1. yzfpilot181

    Hatfield and Mcoy Info

    Im hoping to get down to the hatfield mcoy trail system in west virginia, this year and could use some help. Im looking for info on where to stay cabins campgrounds etc. Also i would like info on any other activities in the area. Im hoping to find a cool place to stay with lots of fun stuf to do. Any info would be great.
  2. yzfpilot181

    Hatfield and Mcoy Info help Please

    Hey im looking for info on where to stay if anyone knows of some good cabins and or other camping areas to stay aswell as any other usefull info .Im from pa and dont really know much about the area but would like to go visit. Any help would be awsome thanks.
  3. Just wondering what the Back mountain hairscramble is like anyone ever ride it?
  4. Is it possible to make my 06 yz250f legal enough for a dual sport in PA if so what do I need? Pleas help!
  5. yzfpilot181

    looking for a used trials bike

    im looking to try a trials bike out not brand specific just need a starter anyone know of a site that may have a few for sale or even a shop im from central pa
  6. yzfpilot181

    might move to arkansas hows the riding?

    im from pa and my parents are talking about moving to arkansas. i was wondering how the riding is down there. i like to trail ride alot and im getting into mx again. whats the dirt like down there?
  7. yzfpilot181

    best tires for yz250f

    ive tried dunlaps bridgestones and michelins the michelins last about 3 times as long i ran a s12 and even on hard pack that thing just wouldnt die. i made the mistake of trying a dunlap 3 rides it was dead ill never run anything other than michelins ever again
  8. yzfpilot181

    Bonehead move of the year...

    i did the opposite i pulled the threads out of my tank then took it in and they tapped it crooked. found a leak on the return on the side of the tank so they had to put a new o ring in on that . they finnally tapped it strait. what a pain in the rear. i said one more thing goes wrong with the tank im dry sumping the engine not a bone head move just bad luck
  9. yzfpilot181

    what brand fork seals?

    oem plain and simple
  10. yzfpilot181

    Help looking for exaust Comparison

    i have heard opinions but i want to see a dino of them or some kind of indepth article not just a opinion
  11. yzfpilot181

    Cut silencer

    my local dealer cut his sons pipe on purpose they did some other mods so not sure all that they did but i know it didnt hurt
  12. could sombody tell me where there is a site that shows some exaust systems heads up against each other! I have a 06 yz 250f and im looking at a few systems but cant decide which one i want! looking at fmf dr.d and GYRT HELP
  13. yzfpilot181


    im running one on my 06 but im running pro tapers scotts does make a low mount kit for on the fender check there web site
  14. yzfpilot181

    06 exaust comparison?

    has anyone found a good exaust test for a o6 yz250f i want to see a couple of brands heads up with each other
  15. yzfpilot181

    help exaust test

    I can seem to find a exaust test that compares a few pipes for a 06 yz250f is there one and im just not looking in the right place any ideas?