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  1. FunBobby

    If you could change one thing about the 450X

    Funny you guys mention that about a 6th gear. For my first several rides, I barely had a chance to get into 5th gear, and when I was in 5th, it wasn't for long. Finally, after several rides, I got a nice long wide open stretch, 5th gear, pinned. FUN TIMES. But, I guess I didn't know I was already in 5th, and I'm trying to shift again. Of course, there's no more gears there...so I'm thinking, "crap, I've read about all these transmission issues...I hope my transmission isn't seized up!" Little did I know, I was already in 5th. That's just a long-winded way of saying that I wish there was one more gear too!
  2. FunBobby

    San jose fairgrounds

    I have to assume he's making a joke about the amount of rain that's fallen there. That's how I'm reading it, anyway.
  3. FunBobby

    Silverwood Lake ride report 3/2 with pics

    Hi, Clone...we saw you guys out there. I didn't know we were on the trails with fellow TTers. We saw you guys heading down the hill from up above the Lake, down towards the paved rode. I was the guy on the 450X with the big 4 gal IMS tank. Also in our group was another 450X (bone stock), and two quads - a new Honda TRX450 and an older Honda 250 quad. We had a great ride, but the guys on the quads couldn't pull off the real hard hillclimb on the black diamond trail heading out of Silverwood back towards Pinnacles. They also prevented us from trying to cross the "Deep Creek" sections - yeah, they were about 3 feet deep, but we could have made it on our bikes. All in all...it was a great day out there. Perfect weather, good riding. We also did almost exactly 50 miles. And 50 miles on those trails is a workout. ~Bob
  4. Yeah, not too far off the mark, I'm sure, but since it's through their church group (wife is a preschool teacher at a church in Encinitas), it's easier to mask it as a "women's retreat!" So...are you riding this weekend?
  5. Hey, Ryan...your fellow O'Sider here. I am also considering starting to enter some desert races. Let's keep each other apprised of what we learn. I'm in the same boat as you...I don't really know where to start. I would like to eventually race in one of the Baja SCORE races, but the logistics surrounding that are the most daunting aspect of it. Like you, I'd like to get my feet wet first with some shorter races, beginner races, that aren't so intimidating! Are you riding this weekend? I am going to see if I can get my mom to take the kids for a day, maybe overnight, and head out to ride. Wife is heading out of town for a women's retreat, so I need to get out and RIDE!!
  6. FunBobby

    I am SUCH a noob!

    Wow...Barton...thank you so much for all of that information. I will spend some time this morning studying those links, graphs, and pictures. I really appreciate your help! ~Bob
  7. FunBobby

    I am SUCH a noob!

    That could actually be a perfectly acceptable answer, but my question is more "big picture." I want to know where the heck to find all of these jets, pins, needles, clips, etc. that I keep reading about. I want to know if I have to take my carb apart to make adjustments, or if I should see these things somewhere else? Thanks, Bob
  8. I am somewhat embarrassed to even post this here, for it will clearly reveal how much of a noob that I am. When I first bought my new bike, an 06 Honda 450X, I had no idea what I needed or wanted in terms of modifications. However, upon the advice of friends, I had a ton of stuff done to the bike, at my local shop, because being such a rookie with all of this, I wasn't about to attempt any of it! Anyway...now that I am getting more comfortable with the bike and some of its mechanics, I want to learn more. Anyway, I had the full airbox modification done, got a new FMF Factory 4.1 exhaust and header, removed and blocked off all of the California emmissions junk, and had the JD jet kit installed. Now, I realize that I have NO CLUE how to adjust the JD jet kit settings. Now here is the total noob question...as I read about all of the settings - the main jet, pilot jet, fuel screw, needle/clip settings, etc., I am just LOST. Where are all of these things? Are they all in the carburetor? Someone I was riding with once said, "hey, you know, your bike sounds like it's running a little rich, have you ever fiddled with your jetting?" My response was, "uh, well, no...I did have my shop put in a JD kit, but aside from that, I haven't done anything." So...can someone be patient with me and walk me through where I find all of these adjustments? And if it involves taking apart the carburetor, well, that will launch me into a new level of mechanical fiddling that I never thought I would attempt...but I'm willing to try. I am also wondering if I should do the pink wire mod? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out. ~Bob
  9. FunBobby

    Hello all

    I have a Honda CRF 450X, and had the same debate with myself. Do I need a 450, or would a 250 be enough? Most likely, the 250 would have been enough for 85% of the riding I usually do, but I would have regretted the choice for that 15% where I was falling short. Step up and get the 450. Well, actually, it's really hard to give you that advice without knowing anything about you, your abilities, what you like to ride, etc.
  10. FunBobby

    wont run w/out starter button pressed? HELP!

    A friend of mine had a similar issue with his '05 X. He took it into the shop, and it turns out there was a short in the "kill switch." It was a quick and easy fix. I have no idea if that's what's going on with yours, but might be worth taking a look under that little rubber switch.
  11. FunBobby

    California riders, pin your loaction on the map

    Not any longer. Oceanside dude number 2! ~Bob
  12. FunBobby

    Transmission Oil

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the quick responses. Tonight, I shall pour it in so I have the full recommended quart.
  13. FunBobby

    Transmission Oil

    I know this issue has been covered at length, but I haven't seen this specific question yet. Seeing that everyone unanimously agrees that a full quart of oil is needed in the transmission, I went to my local bike shop to get oil. I told them I have an '06 450 X, and they showed me the oil I need. I grabbed about 6 quarts of it to keep on hand. Anyway...when I got home and went to add more oil, I looked more closely at the bottle and noticed that it said it was designed for freakin' 2-strokes! Did the bike shop mis-lead me here, or is it OK? Is there really a difference in transmissions and/or transmission oils between 2 and 4 strokes? Is this stuff OK to put in my transmission? I'm at work now so I don't have the details of the bottle and what exactly it says. It is Honda HP Transmission oil, however, it the 1 quart size, with the pointy tip. Any advice?? I don't want to put this stuff in my bike if it's going to screw it up. Thanks, Bob
  14. FunBobby

    Baja 250 Results? Stories?

    No kidding!! I thought Baja was a place to relax, enjoy some cold drinks and good friends. Never knew there was so much hostility around these events. I want to race in Baja some day, but it's always going to be for fun. Oh well...knock yourselves out!
  15. FunBobby

    Pink Wire Mod

    I looked at that website that shows the pictures of the pink wire mod. I noticed they are showing the pics for a 2005 model. I looked in my 2006, and didn't see the parts in the same place. I am a newbie and am nervous to step out on my own without step by step pictures for my exact bike. Has anyone done the pink wire mod for an '06 X? Any website that shows pictures of the process? Thanks!